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Shackled by Harold Stearley at https://earthwalkingworld.wordpress.com/2021/06/29/shackled/

“Yesterday I got a call from the outside world,

but I said no in thunder.

I was a dog on a short chain,

and now there is no chain.”

Jim Harrison, Montana poet

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Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter

Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter by Harold Stearley

The title to his post, like most, should immediately tell you what I will be writing about. Or at least give you a clue. And I must admit that sometimes my writing veers way off course and can be meandering through multiple topics that my weird brain somehow links together. 

Hang on for the ride. 馃槉

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I had several ideas for writing this morning, but then I came across this word.聽聽 鈥淯l路tra路crep路i路dar路i路an.鈥

Of course, I love words, love finding new words, and I had to drop everything and look this one up.聽 If that was the goal of the person using this word in a comment on a web posting, well Mission Accomplished.

Before I checked, just looking at the word makes me think of something big or extreme (ultra), and something creeping (crep 鈥 the Urban Dictionary says creps are shoes).聽 鈥淒ar,鈥 by itself, is used as an acronym, but has little meaning of its own that I could find.聽 鈥淒arian鈥 is the Greek name meaning 鈥済ift,鈥 but I doubt there is any hidden gift here.聽 And the suffix “ian,” by itself, means to have the same qualities of something.

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One Foot in Front of the Other

If you鈥檝e read many of the posts on my blog, you know that I talk about hiking in Nature a lot.聽 This is part of my spiritual practice, to get out in the Natural World.聽 But a friend asked a reasonable question not long ago, so I decided to think about it and write something on it.聽 They asked:

鈥淲hat鈥檚 the difference between hiking and walking?鈥

It turns out that is a bit more profound than it seems, because we, as humans, like to define and differentiate things.聽 To the extreme. 馃槉

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The Incense of Autumn

Scents were fragrantly permeating the air as I strolled through the forest. And I was reflecting on words. Words to describe my senses.

My senses other than sight.

We depend on sight over all of our other senses. And while our brains are processing each moment in a billion different ways, we usually think in terms of what we see. Whether things are light or dark. Colors and shapes. Whether things are bleary or brilliant or dazzling or dingy. Radiant, shimmering, flashy, glistening, streaked or tarnished. So many descriptors.

An exception seems to come with Autumn. When Fall arrives people often speak of the smells of the season. Those scents which bring comfort and warm feelings inside. That internal warmth that seems to compensate for the decreasing temperatures as Helios shifts its radiant energy to the southern hemisphere.

But as I think about my other senses, I find myself struggling for the words to describe fragrances.

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