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Monkeying Around by the River

Well, it’s time to photo journal again.  Moving onward with my passion for wildflowers.

This beauty is the Yellow Monkeyflower – Mimulus guttatus.   Found commonly along the rivers I’ve been hiking.


Oh, BTW, if you all get tired of seeing wildflowers, just let me know.  🙂


Don’t Pass Me By

I’ve narrowed this one down to the Sidalcea genus – Checker Mallow Family.  But I can’t find it’s exact match.

The flash of color caught my eye.  Drew me to this beauty by the water.  And puzzled passersby seem to wonder what on Earth I was doing as I tried to capture their images.

And I have to tell you, most people I see on the trail walk on by these beauties and never give them a second glance, and I believe that’s because they didn’t even see them.  They weren’t looking, and so they didn’t see them.

You have to want to see beauty to find it.

But I can tell you from today’s rapid-fire posts, they are getting seen today, as my stats show I broke all records for views in a single day.

Glad you are enjoying them 🙂

Sidalcea - Checker Mallow Family + C1