Erasing Negative Karmic Traces – द्वे

When I set out to write about this past year’s travels, I started with the “Beginning.”  By that I mean my scattered brain drifted all the way back to the very beginning of “Family,” the 1800s, when my Ancestors immigrated to this country in search of Finding Home.”   

A search we all make, but perhaps not covering so many miles. And perhaps not finding that destination.

I then moseyed on back to the present era and began anew, more logically and linearly, to the not-so-distant past in 2020, where I was in Southern Arizona preparing for a trip to the Canyon and where I experiencedThe Miracle Half-Mile.”  Scattered again, my mind meandered ahead to moments overlooking the Pacific Ocean where I spoke metaphorically about Flying Without Fear.

Thereupon, I “blinked,” and passed through various states of mind and stages of consciousness where I set about “Returning to the Spirits.” The rafting of the Canyon.  Followed by me jumping to the very “End” of my trip, South-West Texas and “Boquillas, Mexico.

A complex web of thoughts.  

I then weaved in a mixed piece in terms of sequence when I talked about some of the “Wondrous Souls I’ve met along the way over the course of the entire summer.

Time traveling backwards again, I revisited adventures in Latin America in the 1970s, Rabbit Holes,” which led me to an encounter with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.”  Which naturally spun me off on Legends of Quetzalcoatl and Eagles and Snakes.

Well, I’m back again today to speak to another “thread” of my summer’s roaming.  The theme of which is encompassed in the title – “Karmic Traces.”

You see, at least if you believe in such concepts like we reap what we sow, or whatever you do comes back to you, you’ll understand that much like the carbon footprint that each and every one of us leaves on Mother Earth, we are also generating a “karmic imprint.”  These imprints or actions or traces remain in our consciousness and influence our future. 

We can, at times, see and experience the behaviors and reactions created by this accumulation overtly, but we may not always pick up on the subtle and unconscious tendencies, inclinations, and ingrained emotional and intellectual responses that are pervasively and dynamically embossed upon our lives.  Karmic Traces are like seeds in the mind and they will sprout, grow, and manifest producing a cascade of karmically governed internal or external consequences keeping us on the spinning Wheel of Samsara.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in.

Not all traces are negative.  And that is, in fact, the goal.  To get our spreadsheets of positive and negative actions balanced.  At least a zero-sum game where you’re only competing with yourself.  And hopefully, by the time end-game rolls around you’ll have an aggregate higher total in the positive Karmic Traces column.     

Now I must diverge for a moment here to talk about how Western cultures, i.e., the US in particular, like to bastard the concepts of Karma and Reincarnation.  And if you don’t believe in these concepts to begin with, you have time to grab another cup of coffee. 

Well, really only a few sentences-worth of time. 😊

Much like we Americanize food, like Mexican or Chinese, many folks I know seized upon these ideas to falsely view reincarnation as a “Mulligan.”  A do-over.  They think, oh well, if I don’t get things right this time around, I’ll just get another shot at it.  No worries, no hurries.


The idea is to transcend this material plane and move on to the spiritual world.  Fore if we are reincarnated, there is no guarantee our new starting point will be the equivalent of where we left off, which is another HUGE misconception.  You may be reincarnated as a dung beetle on a much more hellish planet, for example.  And I mean no disrespect to dung beetles as they serve a very productive role in Natures recycling system.     

Coffee refilled?  Ok then.  Moving on.  Tomorrow . . .

In Metta

Photos: This series of photos is from Madera Canyon in Southern Arizona. I will bring up my experience at this Canyon in my next post, but suffice it to say for now that some negative Karma was earned here and I later had an opportunity to erase that Karma. It was 42 years after the original event, but hey, that counts.

For the feature photo, I played around a bit on the photo editor to infuse it with more color, but Grandfather Sun’s rays through the trees is what really sets it off. The trail in the third pic is The Old Baldy Trail leading up to Mt. Wrightson. And the middle pic, is looking back down through the Canyon.

6 thoughts on “Erasing Negative Karmic Traces – द्वे”

  1. I guess it should be no surprise that people misuse or misconstrue belief/life systems and terms, and then commodify them. Ignorance abounds as does wilful misappropriation. Loved this piece.

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    1. Thanks so much Paul! I guess you’re right, no surprise. It’s not only misappropriation on a smaller individual scale either. In the US, most Churches are organized as “corporations.” Non-profit corporations so they avoid paying taxes, but corporations nonetheless, with boards of directors and all of the contamination rabid capitalism brings. Although, there still seems to be no rational explanation of how the so-called evangelicals could support a person of trump’s character ???

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