Wondrous Souls – Triad

Note: Since this is a continuation of the first and second post in this series (“Wondrous Souls,” & “Wondrous Souls – Dyad”) I’ve begun with the last few lines of the second post to kick this one off. To try to keep you in the rhythm of the story without you having to refer back to the previous post.


It was truly a trading of energies, and we painted images in each other’s minds with the words we spoke.  And I believe revealed our Souls.  Our true essence.

That has a lasting effect on you.  And it certainly has with me.  It gives you hope for all of humanity.    

One thing she told me about being on those long trails, like the PCT, the Continental Divide Trail and the Appalachian Trail – known as the Big Three – you never have to explain yourself.  

Everyone on those trails has an innate understanding of the ardor of the Soul being activated there.

There was something else happening here as well.  

These good Souls I was encountering were responding to me in a different light.  Something had changed inside of me.  You see, for the past few years I’ve been working through some trauma, and I believe I had cut myself off from merging with the energies of others.  I had camouflaged myself to the point of disappearing entirely. FN  I had physically shapeshifted to take refuge.  But I was healing from these traumas. I was back. And people entering my Sphere sensed it and were anxious to open up to me.  One of their own kind, who they also only encounter in rare instances. 

This was certainly the case with Steve, who I crossed trails with in Big Bend.  I was overlooking Boquillas Canyon when he approached me.   Out of nowhere, he appeared and struck up a conversation about his life in New York in the past and in Tennessee in the present.  He was visiting Big Bend because his son was a Park Ranger there.  He proceeded to tell me about some of the troubles his son had growing up, but he had focused on developing his son’s inner strengths in a non-judgmental fashion, and this brought about his son’s success.  From his description, had he not intervened with his Soul Purpose, his son could have been in prison or dead. 

He had also adopted some other troubled youths and had the same miraculous effect on developing their lives.  Imagine this, a Soul at work.  His Soul Power was igniting the raw talent of these young adults so they became successful, not dependents, not victims, and even more importantly, not victimizers.

Steve radiated his Soul Energy.  You could see it like wave patterns encircling his body.  His Aura.  All smiles, all joy.  His eyes shining.  You felt elated in his presence.  One of the things he relayed to me was what he told his adoptive family was, “The Sun is going to come up and shine every morning, it’s just what you choose to make out of that day . . . out of that Sunshine that matters.” 

Another thing he said, which I consider profound, is that, “The World is a very small place through our own eyes, but when we get to talk to other people, hear their stories, it broadens out our view and it is really an immense World we are living in.”  I consider Steve to be percipient, as are many artists, and musicians, and poets, and storytellers.  That’s why we seek out those familiar Sages and share our many stories of enlightenment.

And finally, I wanted to mention Erin.  She was one of those Souls who caught me off guard. 

We are all guilty of having prejudgments, especially when meeting people for the first time.  We tend to fill in the blanks about people before we have any real information.  I was culpable for having assumed the people in Big Bend, this remote location, would not be very experienced or well-traveled.  I was wrong.

Erin was a River Rat, she and her sister, another lover of the waters, co-own an outfitting company for wilderness excursions, including hiking, rafting, and kayaking.  My assumptions were blown out of the water, figuratively and literally, quite quickly when she commanded our raft down the Rio Grande.  Not only was she expert at what she was doing, but her passion for the outdoors led her and her sister, Erica, to many other rivers throughout the different seasons.  She had also traveled abroad and told stories of India, Nepal, Chili, and Peru. 

It didn’t take long for her Soul to shine through.  This was another person, much more powerful than I originally realized, who had organized her life around her passions for the outdoors.  To continuously live on that edge, like Christine.  Seeking out the intensity required to put one in touch with their Soul. 

So, don’t be surprised when a real Soul steps up and taps you on the shoulder.  There is nothing grander.

I could mention a few others that were on my Grand Canyon excursion and elsewhere this year, and I might when I draft another post on another day, but right now, to do so, I’d be turning into an echo chamber.  I did want to circle back to our Blogging World, however. 

While I’ve described many physical and mental endeavors that help lead one to finding their Soul, that is not to say our Soul searching requires standing on a mountain top.  I believe that we Writers, we Storytellers, we Poets have the ability to dive deeply into our Minds and our Hearts.  We raft dictionaries, and climb thesauri, take long hikes through the evolutions and derivations of languages.  We link up with and follow other verbal voyagers into the Great Beyond

And with a little luck and a lot of perseverance, we can stand at the crest of the Chisos Mountains, surf those waters through the bottom of the Grand Canyon, walk the volcanic shores of the Pacific off the coast of Oregon and Washington.  We can inhale the many perfumes Nature surrounds us with in the High Desert of the Cascades, and the Sky Islands of Southern Arizona.  Those fruity-sweet, ginger, oakmoss, camphor, narcotic blends.  We can nestle among those Giant Sequoias, and playfully run through the Montane Forest clustered with Ponderosa Pine, Incense-Cedar, White and Red Fir, Sugar and Lodgepole Pines.  We can drift through those pastel meadows, lightly touching the waste-deep Wild Rye, Moor Grass, and Purple Sage, and marvel at those patches of Chocolate Daisies.

We can meander anywhere we wish in our own personal Spirit Quests.  And may our lives be abundant and enriched by the many wise Souls and Sages we encounter along our trails. 

Where we can glimpse the fervidness of our Souls staring back at us . . .

In Metta

Photos: The feature photo is a sunset from the Desert Southwest. Of course, I altered it with the photo editor to represent the Magic and Mystery and Majesty of encountering Souls. One-on-one with your Soul. An Awakening, a true Transformation. Pure and Unconditional Love.

I’m also including a Dragonfly here:

Dragonflies hold many symbolic meanings depending on what culture you’re in. For the Native Americans, it symbolizes transformation, renewal, self-realization and resurrection after healing. It is associated with Light and can help you to see through Illusions to the pathway to your own Light – your Soul.

If you’re wondering about the red dots in the pic – that is actually the San Pedro River beneath the Dragonfly, the water’s surface flicking in the the presence of Grandfather Sun.

BTW: I sort of bastardized the use of the words Dyad and Triad in the titles to this series. Dyad implies there would only be two parts, but suddenly I claim there are three. Well, I just wanted some way to identify these in sequence, so my apologies for abusing language in this manner. 🙂

FN:  It wasn’t long before my explorations began last May that I had encountered a Red Fox. Now I know many people do not believe in looking for messages and affirmations around us in Nature, but I do. To encounter a fellow Animal, a fellow Spirit, like this should put us on high alert.

The Medicine of the Fox, according to the Seneca and the Choctaw, is camouflage. The Fox has the ability to blend into its surroundings. It is adaptable, cunning, observant, and swift in thought and action. The Fox also has the duty of keeping the family safe and together.

However, to rendezvous with Fox Medicine should also make you circumspect that you’ve become too much like the Wind, that you’ve strayed too far internally in the depths of the mind, to the point of disappearing from the Physical World. In short, you’re wearing an invisibility cloak. If so, you should decide that you are worth noticing and return to the joy of experiencing life with friends and family, and even those strangers we meet on the trail – those Wondrous Souls.

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