Wondrous Souls

Intro Note: I figured after my last post, which was critical of certain human behaviors, that it would good to balance that out and write a piece focusing on the good you encounter when meeting certain Souls. 🙂


It’s hard for me to imagine that sixty plus years have flown by.  Day-by-day, we march on.  At first enjoying the freedom that comes with having parents watching over us.  Our only responsibility being to grow, explore, and learn. Then we leave the nest and become involved in whatever, hoping to return to that freedom someday.   Somehow.  Recapture that innocence.  Where our Souls are not bound.  Not tethered to material demands.

Sadly, it doesn’t always happen in a lifetime. 

The past is gone and future unknown.  There is only this present moment as I sit here and tap on the keyboard.  Is there anything constant in our lives?  Any magic thread that stitches together these random moments?  Makes sense of it all?  Just what was it that we were supposed to accomplish during our many revolutions around GrandFather Sun?

Surely, this is not all meaningless. 

Perhaps it’s unclear just what our “Soul Purpose” is.  And many have differing philosophies about just what a “Soul” is to begin with.  

I know what the dictionary says about Souls: “(1) the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal; (2) a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity; (3) emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance; and (4) the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.” 

Other definitions include more specificity including when and how the Soul can be disembodied, or they include a theological aspect, creationism, moral imperatives, and final judgment.  There is even a word, “psychomachy” to describe “a conflict or battle between the Soul and the Body.”  The immortal essence wishing to break free from these Earthly bonds?  Or perhaps, more simply, the moral, immaterial Soul rejects some of the Body’s unscrupulous, iniquitous, material transgressions?  

I’ve got no answers, and definitions don’t always help, but I do know what it feels like to experience the presence of other Souls in this time.  And by that, I mean good Souls.  And truly experiencing them.

While I think that internal conflict, that psychomachy, between body and Soul can manifest in a whole range of activities, I believe challenging the elements, facing and surviving the extremes and intensity of the “real world,” the “wilderness,” seems to be bound to our core.  And it is at those places and times of extremity, testing and pushing past our own physical limits, where we make contact with our own immortal being.  Find it in the mirror gazing back at us.  And once found, we can let it shine to the World.  

We then also experience the World in an entirely different way as we “see” all Spirit surrounding us.

I was blessed to run into a few of these shining Souls during my travels this past Summer.  I’ve experienced bad ones as well, but that’s another story for another day.  And if I’m choosing definitions, I take door number three, or at least a part of it – “emotional or intellectual energy or intensity.”  But instead of this intensity being revealed in some other tangible art form, I would say this energy is, as definition number four implies, embodied in those people.  I would equate these good Souls with Fine Art!  Literally.  Because meeting such people awakens something inside yourself and you make contact on an entirely different level. 

In Metta

Outro Note: To be continued . . .

Photo: Tradescantia pinetorum = Pinewoods Spiderwort. I chose this pic for this post because it is absolutely beautiful – just like the many Souls I encountered on my journey. However, it is also not in perfect focus, close but not perfect. That subtle variation represents that “psychomachy” – that conflict between Soul and Body, and perhaps even those differences in the degrees of perception when we actually “see” a person’s true incarnation.

I am also fascinated by this flower because it was growing in the desert and there is another flower of the same species where I life in the Midwest. Almost identical. Amazing that these most delicate flowers can endure such great dissimilitude in environments and survive. You can find this beauty, these Wondrous Souls, everywhere.

BTW, this post, and it’s soon to be posted additional part(s), are dedicated to Christine, who opened up and shined her Soul on the World. I was fortunate to have crossed paths with her.

27 thoughts on “Wondrous Souls”

  1. Experiencing good souls feeds our own, I think. I have found so many good souls right here in our WordPress world.People who are forthright, honest, generous and kind and I am indebted to them. (You are one of them)

    Spiritual experiences are often found in nature, at least that has been my experience. When we are away from all the distractions of “civilization” we listen more closely, see with eyes that are wide open, and feel more deeply. I think you can attest to this as well. Beautiful post, Harold, as always. ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Carol! And I regard you as one of those good Souls I’ve met here in the blogging world too. And I owe that same debt to you. You are quite right about how contact with other Souls feeds us. The next part of this post will talk about some specific people I crossed paths with that demonstrated different parts of our Soul World. And it is often in Nature that we find ourselves making that Spirit Quest – even if it wasn’t planned 🙂

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  2. I was thinking about this phenomena of “soul” myself recently…..i have an old friend (my first love) that i haven’t seen in about 50 years….but we communicate regularly….it’s as if our “souls” have never parted….my experience with him was extraordinary when we were together….those EXTRAordinary experiences with certain people really do penetrate and merge with our souls for life…..amazing phenomena…..can’t wait to hear about Christine now !

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