“My Destination . . .”

By Harold Stearley at Earthwalking

Photo: The Merced River in Yosemite Valley. It is insanely beautiful here. You can marvel at pictures, but they don’t capture the essence. There is great magic here.

And peace.

You have to be here to truly experience its wonder.

I traveled through Yosemite during the time of COVID restrictions, and the Silver Lining was the number of people inside the park was restricted. The experience was so much more enriched without the pollution of so many humans. ๐Ÿ™‚

As the quote would indicate, there is an Art to “Seeing.” To shine a light on differing perspectives. To consider the Nature of a place with more than just “Sight.” To “Feel” it. To soak it all in. And to travel inward for clarity. A view from our Internal Light. Our Heart.

May we all be so bold.


BTW: I stole this quote from my blogging friend, Victoria Ray. You should really check out her blog. I love her writing.

25 thoughts on ““My Destination . . .””

  1. I was similarly lucky this summer to Sail the beautiful West Coast of Scotland, the sense of privilege was enormous.
    In one remote place we visited, (Crinan), we were lucky to find the hotel had just reopened itโ€™s restaurant; We were met outside the door and given a full 5 minute lecture on how we would find hand gell on our table and must gell our hands. ..
    Before entering
    Immediately on sitting down
    Before going to the loo
    Immediately on returning from the loo
    I donโ€™t remember the meal, but it focused us on what we had come for.

    I fear that whist you and I were so enormously privileged, too many others would be deprived of any experience. We are returning to a world of elitism, and to be part of an elite but with a memory of how things can be shared carries guilt.

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    1. I have the same fears, but it’s not only a return to elitism, many people in the states have never explored more than 30 miles outside of the place where they were born and may lack a greater perspective. However, we do have a trend now of many retirees going full-time RV living. And the opposite end of the spectrum, where many can only afford to live in their vehicles.

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  2. If I could do it all over again. Young and strong and brave. Iโ€™d build a small cabin with my own hands on a river much like that and live there off the land through winter, spring and fall. Instead of occasionally visiting nature, Iโ€™d live there, occasionally visiting modern society instead!

    How easily we have forgotten our roots, for not so long ago we all lived in the wilderness. Born and bred. Truly side by side with Mother Nature! And? Perhaps if we still did? The world wouldnโ€™t be in the bloody mess it finds itself in today. Walk on Earth Walker! Be Well!

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