Crispy Noodle

By Harold Stearley at Earthwalking

We all need a good laugh now and again. And I believe in the saying that “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

You can feel how lively your body becomes when a good belly laugh ripples through your entire core.

So yesterday I had Chinese food for dinner. And while I’ve cracked open a few pretty strange fortune cookies over the years, the one I got yesterday had me rolling in laughter. It said:

“You are the crispy noodle in the vegetarian salad of life.”

Besides the obvious humor here, it is kind of fun to imagine ourselves as being “different.” Different in a good way. In a way that can be admired and appreciated. In a way that brings joy to others.

A tasty morsel that brings jubilation to the taste buds.

I wonder now if this will be a nickname that sticks – LOL! I’ve had a few over the years, but none quite so funny.




“The Gaffer”

And now, “Crispy Noodle”

While you’re having a good laugh, maybe you could share some of your own nicknames. πŸ™‚

In Metta

Image: I found this pic on the Internet in the public domain at this web address: No other attribution was found.

13 thoughts on “Crispy Noodle”

  1. Crispy Noodle Lol! Original for sure! During my young partying days, I knew a girl, Helen was her name, and she was a near-talker. She use to stand unusually, and very uncomfortably, right in your face while talking. So close in fact, that your face would receive the occasional spittle-spray when she really got going. My cousin gave her the nickname ” Mouth St. Helen” after the famous volcano. She never did clue in as to why! Even after that same cousin, during a party, came out wearing a full welding mask and went to talk to her. And yes β€” she was blonde! Hey, I’m just saying!

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    1. LMAO ! Well, I guess some will never get it 🀣 I, at first, didn’t get the nickname the “gaffer” as that refers to an electrician on a movie set. But looking further, it also means “old man” and the way it fit me was the urban dictionary definition meaning “ring leader.” And I guess I did lead a merry little band down some crazy trails in my youth – LOL!

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