Where to Start?

I’m finally back in my fictitious home in this fictitious country. 

It’s been quite a ride this year.

Since my forced retirement four years ago, I’ve been enjoying a return to my youthful years when I was bumming around the country.  The big difference being is I actually have a pension check arriving to finance these excursions.  Back when I was younger and living in my car, things were a bit more challenging with day-to-day existence.

It took 42 years of toil in the maddening working world to earn those checks.  Today, I face other challenges, but at least I’m eating regularly and the gas tank is full. 😊

So, the question before me now is where to start?  Where do I begin with my storytelling about the adventures I just had?  

And I think I should begin by expressing the overwhelming sadness I, and obviously many others feel, when seeing how the wildfires have been devastating the western states.  The area I just came from. 

It is simply horrific.   

I pray for the safety of all of those affected.  And by “all,” I mean all life forms.  All spiritual entities.  In fact, I pray for all of the particles of consciousness spread about this world, as there is more than one crisis hitting this planet right now.

Somehow, Great Mystery allowed me to squeeze in some time between the many COVID outbreaks and the horrible effects of climate change.  And I am grateful for that. 

Grateful for what I witnessed and experienced.

It will take me a little time to get settled where I’m at.  Review my journals and the depths of my mind to articulate some meaningful images. 

But the words will eventually flow.

For starters, some basic stats.  In 124 days, I covered some 13,986 miles burning 278 gallons of gas.  That’s 50 miles per gallon – not bad. 

I spent most of my time in four states visiting some 16 national and state parks.  I spun off on at least a dozen side trips, often driving 100 or 200 miles from where ever my base camp was to chase down a Waterfall.  Or see the Ocean.  Or pay homage to the Standing People. Or hike in the Mountains. Or the Desert. The list goes on.

I drove from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. And back again.

I hiked an average of 45 miles per week.  Took several unexpected falls and sustained a number of injuries.  Reminding me of the impermanence of life, and the unpredictability of it.  The need to stay in the here and now.

We have no control.  Merely the illusions of such.

I wore out footwear, clothing, and backpacks and put various other equipment to the test.  I traveled a number of Rivers, bathed in them, in fact, to avoid the contaminated environments of congregated humans. 

I took 7619 pictures, of which I’ll wager maybe 10% are the best ones.  We’ll look at a few. 😊

And I was truly blessed to meet a few wonderful souls.  People with heart and mind blended with amazing choices of lifestyle.  People who are “living” life to its fullest measure.  Who really know the intensity of being out there.  In the real world.  Not the world of concrete and square boxes.

I hope to be back soon to start sharing the journey.  And I hope to bundle up these chapters someday into something bigger. 

We’ll see . . .

In Metta

Photo: Gulls in flight above the ocean waves. Enjoying the air beneath their wings. Their community motion. The waters beneath them. Grandfather Sun setting in the distance.

This amazing image of life. In stark contrast to the removal of the human body that had transpired moments before. A person who had taken their own life. Finding no value in remaining in this world.

Ever changing. Ever in motion. We are. Heading to the same destination, I wonder ???

25 thoughts on “Where to Start?”

  1. Who do you think you are…Woodie Guthrie? Glad you’re enjoying your “forced retirement,” (Gives me hope.) Although your travels sound a bit lonely, it’s all a state of mind. Yes, you’re free. But as I always ponder: Free to do what? I am glad you’re free to write, share and inspire however. That’s a great thing to allow me to step into your consciousness. Thanks!

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    1. Thank you George ! I’ve missed reading your posts and will be visiting soon. I’m no Woody Guthrie – LOL ! At times, it was lonely, though. More so this trip because of COVID. I stayed out of restaurants and bars – less chances to meet people. Many dreams, though. It would be nice to share some of these journeys with a partner – maybe in the future. Be careful in my consciousness. Never know what’s laying around in there 🤣😂😅

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  2. I absolutely LOVE this post! I enjoyed every single second of reading it. It made my day. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us all. I’m so happy for you that you had the chance and means to go on your adventures. Have an awesome evening! p.s. I love the picture of the gulls.

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  3. Always an absolute pleasure to read your blogs and in particular the ones where you take us on journeys and adventures around this vast Country. If I had a choice of traveling with groups of people or on my own, I would choose me every time 🙂 I love that you embrace your very essence and have the freedom to choose whether you want to be with people, or not. I say it time and time again, you have a way of transporting your readers so that we get to experience this amazing spiritual journey that you are on, filled with adventure, humor and most of all, love and compassion.

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  4. I read your post, leaned back in my chair and took a look around this room that I’m sitting in…fragments of “leaf moments…, pieces of scribbled notes, photographs, journals and notebooks filled and organized with poetry, faces taped to the wall, flowers are pinned and captured emotion tucked onto bulletin boards, walls, slotted shutters and plastic sleeves. If someone were to walk into this room and my art creating room, stories of hearts encountered and touched are everywhere.

    I can relate to your thoughts about your journey….been on my sort of journey collecting “leaf moments.” I find it interesting how God (my Higher Power) has opened my time up to me and called my name and said “It’s time…time to bring it all together.”

    Your words about your journey are I think perhaps one more “guide” telling me I am right where I need to be. Isn’t that weird how that works? Life leaves us clues when we least expect it.

    Smiling to myself…leaf moments….a few years back, I was driving down a country road and a huge fall colored leaf hit my windshield, “a leaf moment.” I knew on that day, I would be putting together the “leaf moments” scattered throughout my life, moments that entered my life, took my breath and then flitted away leaving me in awe. I’ll look forward to seeing your photographs and reading your words.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing you insights. I visualize myself sitting in that chair and surveying that castle of memories and words from the heart. Please do “bring it all together. ” Affirmations always surround us 🙂

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