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It’s easy to see when I haven’t posted for a while, but I was on hiatus.  You see, I’ve been a little burnt out on social media because of the inundation of ignorance surrounding the pandemic.

I normally resist writing anything that is “too” political, and I will make this a short post.

First off, with national and state emergencies in effect as the body count rises daily, no one’s “right” to “liberty” is being violated by stay-at-home orders and policies requiring simple facial covering and social distancing.  Period.

Second, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such petty selfishness of people whining about minor inconveniences that have the tremendous potential to save lives.

I get it that many are hurting economically and need to get back to work.  Doing so responsibly is the key.

And yes, our government botched this whole thing from the beginning and there have been unnecessary deaths.

Many unnecessary deaths.

Now, if you want to leave comments and share your insights, please feel free.  If you want to talk medical, I have degrees in biology and nursing.  Happy to oblige.

If you want to say the right to “liberty” has been infringed, go ahead.  I’ll give you legal reasons why it has not.  And a side note, no one has the Constitutional right to eat cheeseburgers, or to have their hair cut or nails done, or to go to an office to work, or go about aimlessly and unconsciously spreading a lethal disease.

If you want the legal analysis about how many of these deaths could be prosecuted as involuntary manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide cases, I have a degree in law.  I can lay it out for you.

Really folks, I’m sad to see so much petty selfishness and so little respect for the life of our fellow humans.  I suppose that is an endemic virus in itself, as is demonstrated by the total lack of respect for our Mother Earth and all of the many species humans have laid to waste.

Having gotten that off my chest, I’ll come back soon with a much more light-hearted post.  Until then, remember, I love you guys in the blogging world.  It’s a joy to share in this forum as opposed to the remainder of social media platforms that I see circling the drain . . .

In Metta


Photo: Snapped this one this morning.  Beauty surrounds us.  Enjoy and appreciate it.  Lifetimes pass quickly.

16 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. If you missed social media for a week you will find you missed nothing. But if you missed a walk in the country down a rarely traveled trail or dirt road you will find you did miss something; a pretty flower, crossing paths with a deer or falcon, a rabbit nibbling on clovers, a turtle meandering along at his own peaceful pace…meaningful stuff.

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  2. Your Bang on Harold! I’m in total agreement with this “Oh they’re taking away my rights” bullshit. I can understand those whose finances have run out and how desperate they must be to get back to normal, including back to work. But those protesting government isolation lock-down as “taking away their rights?” — Seriously?

    It’s not like there’s no valid reason for this “temporary” isolation call, i.e. saving lives? And all countries are doing this to some extent. So you mean to tell me this is a politically colluded directive involving government leaders world wide? Just to take away civilian rights?

    No, this is just another inane virus conspiracy theory, led by a small minority of the population that has unfortunately grown in force by the “I can’t think for myself” sheeple. And the “I don’t care what happens to anyone else” selfish and empathy lacking minority who tags along with them. And unfortunately, an American president, who consistently fuels their fire.

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  3. If some feel the need to arm up to defend their rights, then where is the balance in their argument? We are all connected and connected to the beautiful earth we are blessed to live on. I agree with you wholeheartedly, H. Much ❤ flowing to you. ❤

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  4. Hello Earthwalker ❤ I don't know how to do a "pingback" so i am putting this here !

    https://redbearx.com nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.


    1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
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    1. Thank you Red Bearx ❤ https://redbearx.com

    2. (Done)

    3. My blog started during one of the most traumatic experiences of my life….

    I initially wanted to name my blog : SONGS OF SAMSARA, but when i googled it

    that title was already chosen by a musician for his album….so i changed the “S”

    to “Z” .

    4. I really don’t think i am qualified to give advice to new bloggers….i only know

    that i enjoy reading biographical and autobiographical poetry and stories…

    My poetry is mostly from gut wrenching experiences in love….

    I chose to expose the dirty side….and how it affected me….purging

    my emotions….sometimes in a state of drunken bliss

    I do not write down my poetry….i compose it straight from my keyboard…and

    mostly with no or little revision….maybe half of it has been written while

    drinking wine or gin and tonic….i am quiet mostly with my emotions…and

    the alcohol helps me open up….like popping the cork….

    5. I want to give this award to: https://earthwalkingworld.wordpress.com

    When you read his blog, it’s like reading a good book you can’t put down….

    Always entertaining and exhilarating stories from his life ! I hope he writes

    a book some day !!!

    6. (Done)

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