Full Snow Moon

By Harold Stearley At Earthwalking

 Last night, I tried posting this pic from the WP app on my phone. I had a bit of trouble but I think it did finally come through and I hope you’ve liked it.

Took this one off the back porch with a 400mm zoom lens and cropped it to enlarge it more.

The phone app doesn’t allow you to post a feature pic, and now that I’m back on the lap top, I’m making a few edits. I’ve also tried WP’s new editor with this one. Can’t say that I like it.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

In Metta

43 thoughts on “Full Snow Moon”

  1. Amazing photo ! What are those lit up areas ????? Aliens that live there ?????
    I wanted to take a photo with my phone camera but i KNEW it would look like a tiny dot…but last night the moon was so big and bright where i am…and today i woke up to it snowing….so the Snow Moon is a correct prediction from the Native Indians that named it that !!!

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      1. Ha ha. Listen don’t worry. It’s fine. I got nominated for this over a week ago, It’s a bit of work! But kind of enjoyable too. No rush. Give yourself a week or so. And of course you do not need to partake if you don’t want to. But there is an element of mystery in some of your posts. πŸ™‚

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