A number of things were swirling in my head as I woke from my slumbers.

For one, Kirk Douglas died yesterday.  And as I read off the list of his many accomplishments and movies I was reminded of the film “Lonely are the Brave.”  Now I saw this film a long time ago, loved it, and when I watched it oh so many years ago, I had no idea of the connection with Edward Abbey, whose work I’ve also come to thoroughly enjoy.

It’s strange how things can circle around in our lives.

But Douglas wasn’t the only one who passed on to the Blue Road of Spirit.  I know that about 100,000 people transition from this physical plain daily.  And I noticed a number of my online colleagues were mourning the passing of loved ones this week.

And that, despite a lot of other emotional turmoil going on the past couple of weeks in this country, reminded me of the spirit of Kindness.  Thus, yesterday’s post.

We can’t always tell from the outside just what demons and struggles people are wrestling with, so we should extend kindness.


And then I saw another post from a friend, an affirmation this morning, about how maybe our purpose is to shine a little light on someone else’s stormy day.  And that triggered another random thought.

Not too long ago my car was vandalized.  Some items were stolen when I had taken it in for service.  Now I really didn’t care about it all that much, except for the loss of one item that had sentimental value.  It had been traveling around the country with me and was sort of my traveling companion.

Weird right.

Well I considered that object to be a “power object.”  Not something I’ll explain too much here, but it was charged with my own personal energy and I felt its loss.  And I wasn’t happy about it.

And then a friend offered another explanation.

He said that maybe the thief was in a bad state of affairs and felt the energy in that object.  And maybe that positive energy of mine was something that person needed desperately that day.  And that’s why he or she took it.

Look at it however you will, but that perspective, that 180 degree rotation of thought  sure made me feel better about the situation.  I hoped that energy really did help that person.

And as fate would have it, I was recently able to find a replacement.

In keeping with the theme of rotation, whether it be the rotation of objects or the rotation of souls, I decided it was time to switch up the “pinned” posts on the blog.  Give it a fresh look and highlight some of my past posts.  I can only post six at a time with my blog theme, those six at the top of the page, and by looking at what’s there now, one might get the idea that I like Nature and Flowers and Poetry and Storytelling.

I do.  😊

Also keeping with today’s theme, and with reflections over lives that have transitioned, I am re-posting one of my earlier blogs, “Neural Roadmaps Revisited.”  It’s one of my personal favs.  It’s a meandering through my mind as I traveled for my Mother’s funeral.  I hope you enjoy it.

In Metta


Feature Photo:  So many things could represent rotation.  A pic of the Sun or the Moon for example.  Or any of Nature’s creatures that cycles through life.  A butterfly, like I used in yesterday’s post.  Well, I chose this one of Avalanche Lake in Montana.  It represents a rotation for me because it was my return to the West after a long period of time.  For almost forty years I had been pulled in other directions, but I’ve rotated the compass and I’ll be hanging out west for a while.  The formatting above sort of blotted out the lake so here’s the photo in its full glory.

Avalanche Lake

Below: As I was hiking in Montana, this young man and I crossed paths.  We shared the trail for a bit and shared a few stories.  We were on the lookout for bears, and I did spot some Grizzlies later on that day, high upon a mountainside.  One thing my new friend in front of me didn’t see, that I did, was a sapling, probably ten or twelve feet high, be totally bent over off to the northwest of us.  Maybe only fifty feet off the trail.  Something was big enough to pull that entire tree down, and whatever it was it never emerged from the woods.  It stopped upon hearing us.  My guess was a bear, but it allowed us to finish our rotation, down this trail and back, undisturbed. 🙂

Hiker in Montana

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