Time for Review ?

Time is slipping away, and as we approach the end of another year it’s time for people to engage in reflection, projection, and resolution.

Some are already referring to this as being the end of a decade.  And they’re glad for it, calling it one big dumpster fire.

To others, it’s the end of another year of tumultuous political machinations.  Or perhaps, a role call of all those who died, famous and infamous, loved and unloved.

Others find victimization, trauma, sadness, and are truly heartbroken.

And to others still, it has been just another amalgamation of meaningless seconds ticking away on the clock of the Universe.

I’m not sure just how to reflect upon this last revolution around our Sun.  This time period has held many challenges, and also so many things and so much beauty to be grateful for.

A friend had posted the above quote on Facebook this morning, and I paused and thought, now that is nice.  It is more of a looking forward perspective and it demonstrates higher thought and some would say even spiritual consciousness.

It’s not necessarily a time for review, but time to move forward . . .

In Metta


*BTW, I borrowed the feature image/quote (above and below) from a Facebook post my blogging friend Stuart Aken made this morning, that he, in turn, must have found on “3am thoughts.”  You should check out his blog and his Twitter site for some good reads and some perspective from across the pond.  Here is the quote in its entirety as the feature image function tends to cut it short.

Forward into 2020

**Next, I give credit to my good friend and Shamanic Healer, Michele Mekel.  For it is her where I stole the phrase “In Metta,” which I find as such a soothing way to end many of my posts.

***I also give thanks to my friend, Robert Schnell, who designed my writing logo many years ago, and which I also like to use to sign off with.  He has just begun putting his artwork (with his own brand of messages) on his own page here on WordPress.  You ought to check out his page sometime. 🙂

****I wish to express my unending gratitude to my beautiful daughter, who has stuck with me all these years, and been willing to give this old man a hand in too many ways to count.  I love her dearly.

*****And finally, I wish to thank you all for visiting my meanderings and for your wonderful writing, poetry, and artwork, all of which brings much joy to each and every one of my days.  And for the many of you who have offered your support and encouragement after a couple of my more dismal posts, I cannot say thanks enough. I hope your next revolution around the sun is filled with much joy, love, and happiness.

18 thoughts on “Time for Review ?”

  1. Self-reflection is always a good thing. what is that quote? “The unreflected life is not worth living?” Or something to that effect. I am not sure who said it but it’s a good one. sometimes we’d rather not because it can be uncomfortable, but it is always worth it if we want to grow as people, as human beings. Positive meme, for sure, and thanks for sharing it. The world needs more positive messages.

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  2. Lovely post, H and you have introduced me to some kindred spirits. Thank you. The sun is rising here and I am sending you much ❤ for your next revolution around it. May it be filled with many adventures. Hugs, always. ❤

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