Mile Marker 1000

Well I hit one of those milestones today.  I now have 1000 followers!  And while the stats and numbers aren’t overly important, I do appreciate everyone who visits and pauses to read or comment.

I really enjoy being part of the WordPress community.

I’ve found the people here to be positive, intelligent, and ready to engage in an exchange of ideas that doesn’t match the other social media platforms – in short, people are civil here.  People are artists here.  People are wordsmiths here.  People are poets here.  People share their stories here.

And I can’t get enough of good stories to read.

I thoroughly enjoy your work but I do run into occasional glitches on WP.  Sometimes when I try to reach your pages, WP tells me they longer exist or that they have been taken down.  But if I go to my dashboard and open the manage people section, I can get to your pages that way??

Occasionally, people use formats that don’t have a “like” button.  And I do want you to know that I like your work.  I also share it on other platforms and hope it brings more visitors to your pages.

When time permits, I enjoy joining the comments and having a discussion, and I’ve found the authors here to be very welcoming.  And I’ve learned here that you can open up about all sorts of topics and not be judged.  In fact, I’ve been encourage by many of you to do just that.

I’ve also learned that not all posts should be positive.  There are elements of our lives that simply don’t have happy endings and it’s ok to share those too.  I’ve been told that actually makes others feel good.  To know that they aren’t abnormal in some way for having too experienced not-so-rosy times.

And I’ve even made a few posts that were actually true stories, but the readers thought they were fiction.  🙂  Sometimes life does seem to be fictional or, at least, not very believable.  But as the saying goes, truth can be stranger than fiction.

Anyway,  I just want to say thanks !  And I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season !

In Metta


Photo: I could have gone many directions today in selecting a feature pic.  I chose this one from when I was driving through Oregon towards Mount Hood.  We travel many roads and walk many paths in our lifetimes.  Some lead to great adventures.  Others to places of solitude and meditation.  Others to tremendous beauty.  And occasionally they lead us to darkness.  But I’ll never tire taking these roads.  Driving on that gray ribbon leading to the next chapter.  This was a fond memory from the some 10,000 miles I covered this past summer. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Mile Marker 1000”

  1. Congratulations! I can’t imagine ever having that many followers but – like you – I have found mine to be civilised, literate, caring and supportive. A community small but perfectly formed.
    Here’s to your next thousand.

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    1. I just looked ahead. One of the bloggers I’m following has over 14K followers 🙂 I’m glad to have discovered you and your writing on WP too! You have a great book in the works. If you haven’t already, you’ll pass this mark soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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