Lighthouses and Kleptoparasitism

By Harold Stearley at

I have to tell you,  I’ve not been feeling well.  The living situation is draining me right now so I can’t seem to get very fired up about writing.   So, I thought, why not just add a pic to your photo journal today?  But then I also found a reminder about a word I wanted to write about.

I couldn’t remember why I wanted to write about this word.  I know it wasn’t solely from its basic definition.  I had some application or twist I wanted to highlight.  To play around with.

While staring at the blank screen, I either remembered or thought of a new one. 🙂

Today, you get both, the image and the word.

The image is easy.  A scenic lighthouse and the inn keeper’s quarters along the Oregon coast line.  Absolutely stunning!

The word, as you can also guess by the title, is “kleptoparasitism.” Kelptoparasitism, is simply where one animal steals another animal’s food or prey after that animal caught, collected, prepared, or stored that food source in some fashion.  It’s a common trait, even exercised by this country’s national symbol – the Eagle.

Now I suppose I could go all sorts of different directions with this word.  Applying it to the human community at large.  I can even think of an application to my marriage and divorce series, but I don’t want to revisit that topic for a while.  Instead, I’ll have a little fun poking fun at social media activities.

How you ask?  This one’s easy.

How many times have you posted something on social media, or maybe seen an original post from someone else, and then watched how it is stolen and recycled — while new credit is claimed?  By the thief.

It’s mine, all mine!

Now this behavior is different from sharing.  If you share a post someone else has made, you are sharing the original post, so the original author still gets the credit.  A person could add to it, or note that it’s just so great they had to share it.  Pass it along.  Shine the light on the content and its originator.

Snatching an idea from someone else in a manner in which the bandit claims credit for this “original” and most insightful, beautiful, magnificent, simply genius and wismatic content is really, well really, pretty pathetic.

Understandably, there is attention seeking behavior on line.  All of us do this to a certain extent because we want to attract others to our content, and we hope to be generating great content.  But most of us don’t carry this to the point of it becoming a malignant disease.  Then again, there are many narcissistic persons out there that just can’t get through the day unless the attention is on them.  And only them.

And when their well has run dry, they steal.  Maybe they just can’t help themselves.

I’m not overly worried or concerned about such things, but I do think it is a bit revealing about certain people’s personalities.  Their honesty and integrity.  Not the sort of people that I’m going to give a “like” to.  Or follow.  Or praise.  Or want to meet in person.  They can fade into the ever-growing world of phantoms and I won’t miss them a bit.  🙂

How about you?  Have you witnessed this behavior?  Thoughts?

In Metta


Photos: Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon.  Obviously, I didn’t create this lighthouse.  I’m simply sharing its beauty.  No intent on my part to be a vulture and steal someone else’s content.  I was actually there for a wonderous moment in time, and hope you can enjoy  the scene.  What a great place for meditation!

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse - 2

11 thoughts on “Lighthouses and Kleptoparasitism”

  1. Some of my images from my blog are currently being ‘sold’ on an Asian website as wallpaper. Naturally, I wasn’t approached or asked, and the website itself has no way of contacting the owner in order to request a takedown. As I know this isn’t the first time for me, I imagine it’s happening to almost everyone, pretty much all o tne time. Seems to me that if it’s on the web , it’s ‘free’ to anyone who wants to flout copyright, implied or otherwise. Impossible to control and, deplorable. I suppose the obvious offenders are those who post memes as a replacement for having their own individual thoughts. Very sad that it’s so, so common. Hope you’re well, H! Best regards, Rob. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you stopped by today Robert – always reminds me to visit your page and take in your great artwork! Sorry to hear it is being stolen. True, this work goes out into the public domain, but it is inherently copy righted, and while others may use that content singularly, with appropriate attribution, they cannot legally, at least in this country, be profiting from it. As you note, though,, it’s very difficult to control. But it is revealing as to character 🙂


      1. Yup, I have no issue with anyone sharing my work, or, using it and linking to the original content, sadly, that doesn’t always happen. Nonetheless, I’m always happy to share my view of my corner of the world. Great to hear from you again, H! Thank you as always for your kind comments.
        Best, Rob 🙏 📷

        Liked by 1 person

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