A Momentary Pause – Smile

A momentary pause here.  Hitting the reset button.  With about 500 words. 🙂

One of the things I truly enjoy about blogging has been the community.  And I noticed from the beginning that the tone of most pages is one that is upbeat and positive.  In fact, many are inspirational.

And I think people seek out the words that help them rejoice in the day.

Generally speaking, I’ve followed this path with my writings, but there are times I have to note that some of my posts, and my most recent posts in particular, do stray into negative waters.  The series I’m doing on marriage right now is one of those examples, as is the post yesterday about having been looted.

And while I realize this is real life, and many people like reading real life posts, others simply find these monologues depressing and uninteresting.  Some may not like reminders of the troubling situations they are in.

Or that human nature can be so vile.

Yet, I feel obligated to finish what I started, this current series, for several reasons.  For one, I like finishing things.  I don’t like leaving things undone.  For another, it is educational, even if it’s not all fun and games.  It is real life, life when it bites, life when it sucks.  It is truth.  Truth that happened to me.  And others.  Perhaps someone will gain some insight from my failures.

And it is also therapeutic for me.  A way to release.

Having said that, once this series is complete, I will try to arc back to some more creative and inspirational words.  So please bear with me.

I had this thought, and took this pause today, because one of my blogging friends, Eliza Waters, sent me a more uplifting post about human nature yesterday, about the building of bridges.  I think she sought this out after reading my piece about a more disturbing part of the human psyche – the opportunistic nature of some to take advantage of the trusting nature of others.

If you’d like to see some beautiful flower arrangements, check out Eliza’s page.

So, there you have it.  There is often much more good to see around us if we look, but we have the tendency to focus on the bad because it can be more dramatic, more emotive.   And because we’ve been taught to.

I did a little experiment a couple of days ago when I was out running errands.

When I’m out in public I see a lot of unhappy faces.  People are angry.  People are stressed.  Couples are fighting.  Parents are screaming at children.

People are having trouble making it through the day.

My experiment was that I greeted these people with a smile.  Nothing more.  Momentary eye contact and a smile.  A brief glimpse into their souls.

And guess what?

Everyone of these folks, even the most stressed, who locked eyes with mine, even for just a second, resonated with that universal smile, and they lit up like Christmas tree lights.  A smile took over their face, you could see it spread, and we acknowledged the divinity in each other.

And then we walked on.  Not a word spoken, but so much communication.

You know what else, everyone becomes strikingly beautiful when they smile 😊

In Metta


Photo:  Well, I couldn’t get the photo to fit correctly in the feature photo space to show off Taz’s smile.  So here’s the full view – had to wait for the end to see it 🙂  My buddy passed on about 2 and half years ago.  I still keep his bed at the foot of mine in case his spirit needs a place to sleep.  What a smile.  People can’t tell me that other species don’t have spirits.

Taz photo-bombed me here.  I was trying to get a pic of a tiny wild flower by his pen and he shoved his head out from under that tarp just as I snapped it – LOL!



42 thoughts on “A Momentary Pause – Smile”

  1. Thanks for the mention and link, Harold. I hope you didn’t think I was critical of your recent posts, but only wanted to share what had uplifted me (many posts in my Reader do that as I need lots of good news these days!).
    I enjoyed Taz’s smiling face and your social experiment that deserves to go viral. I like to imagine a world where we uplift one another!

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    1. Thank you! And no, I didn’t think you were being critical at all. I thought it was a great lifeline to throw me. It always helps me through my day when I read uplifting posts. And your flower arrangements and pics are inspiring – love them!! Happy to have you as a friend here in blogging land 🙂


  2. Beautiful pup, your Taz with a gorgeous smile and yes, the smile is such a powerful gesture, probably best there is.
    ps. I still keep a bowl with fresh water and a cookie for our Loretta who passed 3 years ago, just in case… 😉 I also heard once from a priest that animals don’t have soul/spirits and I’m sure it’s not true! 😉

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  3. I have to admit, I’ve yet to read your posts on marriage. Life’s been a bit busy and I don’t get on here nearly as often as I’d like. I have been following your blog for a fair while now and enjoy your writing immensely. I really like what you had to say here so I am grateful you took a pause. And your furry friend does have a delightful smile. I am sorry for your loss but it’s so sweet that you’ve kept his bed for his spirit to join you in slumber. All life, every species, has intelligence and I agree animals do smile, especially dogs. 🙂

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    1. No pressure to read those. It’s sort of spinning around the legal aspects. But each divorce has caused me to reinvent myself. Start over with little. In fact, I left each with near identical stuff. Not that stuff is important. It’s not. But each experience did involve loss. I like the doggy smiles much better, but I promised another blogging friend I’d cover this topic 🙂

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      1. LOL ! Well played. I have to say this has stirred up a few memories that may have been better forgotten, but perhaps it’s a good time to work through them. I was really shattered with having my time so limited with my daughter, and my ex didn’t really care about her that much – that’s the tragedy

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      2. I am so sorry to read this about your daughter – I didn’t know you are also a Dad. Too often children are used like weapons to hurt the other, a situation that any caring parent would do their utmost to avoid. It is a tragedy. I know of others in similar circumstances and the children continue to suffer. Sad.

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      3. Thanks ! Fortunately my bond with her is strong and I have more time with her now. I now live right next to her. She is, in fact, my landlord- lol ! But those were rough years when she was a kid. And I’ll be writing more about them

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      4. It’s so good of you to share your story and experiences. No doubt it will help others who read them. My hubby and I went through a separation after 17 years of marriage. It was a very stressful and challenging time for both of us. Fortunately, with the help of a wise councilor, we were able to resolve our issues and we just passed the 40 year marker last spring. Life can be so very difficult. My brother who died 3 years ago was also divorced twice. He had so many struggles and felt like a failure. He was just getting to a point where he was liking himself again when he died. Divorce is painful – so painful. I hope that many read your blog, especially those who most need to know that life does go on after the dust settles.

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      5. Thanks ! Hlad you and your hubby are still holding on strong. Sorry to hear about your brother’s struggles. The dust does settle, but it can leave you where you never trust again, never love again, never risk again

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  4. I think, you ougth continue with the writing that comes spontaneously in your mind 🙂 — The world has a bright side and a dark side. For me, it’s boring to read such a lot of inspirational posts, which one stumbles everywhere these days in this crazy social media world. Everyone seems to be a life coach.
    Which each post I read I always ask me: Where are all the lot of normal people? The ones with life struggles like me? Is it only me? Is something wrong with me? Because I have different sort of problems? Because I have worries and anxieties?
    You are absolutely right: This is life, this is real life, this is your life. It’s authentic. You ought to continue writing. Writing is therapeutic for many of us, the supportive community is therapeutic. You are not alone.
    I read nearly each post of you and in my heart I am always with you. I think, there are a lot of readers that do the same. You touch our hearts with your writing. 🙂
    Sometimes I read the posts of a young woman writing about her experiences to find a new job. She has been writing since January and now has almost 5000 subscribers. I think, she is authentic and that’s the reason for most of us to read her posts. It feels good to read that others have problems too: https://millenniallifecrisis.org

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  5. I wouldn’t mind if I could write some serious stuff on my blog once in a while. Not that I’m totally unable to do so, write seriously, but it doesn’t seem to be the right time for that, as it is now in my life. Maybe later on.
    I use to do that quit a lot, smile at people. And you’re right! They smile back! Sometimes I say something. Like in an elevator for example. Tiny pieces of conversations, stranger to stranger. I don’t do that all the time, or to everyone. Start talking. I let the intuition guide me.
    And Taz is so beautiful! Understand why you keep the bed, near yours.

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      1. In this time, I heal. In many ways. Letting go of old stuff, opening up for new. Sometimes painful, other times wonderful. That’s called living! 😅
        And I write Fantasy…

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      2. That is wonderful ! I think writing fiction – fantasy, takes amazing talent because you are not only creating characters, you’re creating worlds! There are some wounds that I don’t think heal, but we might be blessed with forgetting them. Writing this series has stirred some of those memories


      3. True, we create worlds. Never thought I could do that! Thought if I wrote a book sometime, it would be about nutrition rather. And now! The last 15 years or so, I write fiction! Fantasy even!
        But I admire your way of writing, so well written and so insightful. Wish I could do that.
        Think you’re right about not all wounds will heal. Once upon a time (but true) a priest said: To forget is one of the mercy gifts! (Is that the right word for it?)

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      4. I think that is the right words for it – mercy gifts! And thanks! I’ve had a lot of training in formalized writing that I think helps, but I’d like to think I’m creative sometimes too 🙂 Some days yes, some days not-so-much LOL. Keep the fantasies coming ! We all need those 🙂


      1. You’re welcome. I agree 100%! It is one of the toughest things that I have gone through. Obviously I live a very privileged life, but it was difficult nonetheless. 🙂 have a nice day.

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  6. I just found your blog and will spend some time getting to know your writing, I choose this title because I like the idea of breaking away, a momentary pause if you will, to step back and reflect! I look forward to reading your thoughts on relationships, life, and the challenges we encounter! Thanks for the inspiring thoughts!

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    1. Thanks so much ! Happy to discover your writing too. I think you’ll find a variety of topics on my page. More are uplifting than not, but occasionally I delve into matters that didn’t have happy endings. Such is life. 🙂 I like my hiking pieces the best 🙂

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      1. Wonderful! I explore lifestyle topics, some uplifting, others not so much! I’ll check out your hiking piece! One of my favorites is, after you say I do, on the trials and tribulations of marriage! So pleased to have found your blog!

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  7. My heart melted twice here: seeing precious Taz’s beautiful smiling and obviously happy face as you snapped the picture when he suddenly popped his head out, and about you leaving his bed for his spirit to rest in…wow! So much love there. I am so happy for Taz that he had you to share his love with and you with him. May you rest in peace little one. ❤

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