Gray Days Revisited

Gray Days Revisited

I think I’m going to start a new tradition on Word Press.

It’s obviously the beginning of November and this is the time of year when those of us who live in areas with decreasing sunshine are afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  “SAD” – what a cute acronym.

SAD has become more of an issue for me after my days spent in Arizona where there seemed to be an unlimited supply of Sunshine – even during the monsoon season.

Well, I wrote a piece about these “Gray Days” a while back, and I re-posted it last year, and so now the tradition has solidified.  This time, I’ll just put the link below (and above) as opposed to re-posting the blog.  If you have the desire to read further, click away.

If not, well you’re missing out 🙂

It crossed my mind, when I re-read my post today, that I was in a highly creative state of mind when I originally wrote it, as well as the posts surrounding that time in general.  You see, I was in love then, and the creative juices always flow more when I’m in love.

I might have been in love with a person, a place, or even a passing idea – a newly formed and beautiful image in my mind.  A dream.

But love, regardless of its source, is all powerful.  And while it’s difficult, we writers do try to express such feelings with words.

I read a great post from my blogging friend Cristian Mahai today that began with a beautiful quote from Faulkner.  Check it out for a little inspiration about the writer’s duty and about beauty.  I think this fulfills my duty for the day.  And read on, if you wish, about how even the grayest of days can be colorful and inspiring!

Here’s the link, again, to – Gray Days.

In Metta


Photo:  Even the most gray, rainy, and cold days can be very beautiful – like this image I captured in the Rocky Mountains.

15 thoughts on “Gray Days Revisited”

  1. I live in northern Alberta and on the 3rd we will have to roll back the clock an hour. I am not looking forward to driving to work in the dark. I know I will be anxiously waiting for the return of spring and longer days. I miss the sun in the winter months. There are just too many gray days and it does have an adverse effect on me.

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      1. I hear ya – I don’t find the cold so bad as long as the sun is shining. Unfortunately that’s a hit and miss state of affairs here. Have you tried one of those special lamps that are designed for S.A.D.?

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      2. Yes they will – it’s not too bad, but I do feel less energetic etc. in the winter months plus it gets extremely cold here making it more of a challenge to get outside. You hang in there too my friend.

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  2. Unfortunately, I’ve had SAD most of my adult life during winter. I’ve narrowed it down to a 10-hour day, above that no problem, below that, not enough light. NOV-DEC-JAN really stink! Walking at noon when the sun is the strongest helps somewhat. A string of gray days puts me under. Light boxes help not so much. If I’m lucky (and flush), I take a flight south to recharge my batteries for a week. Then of course I have to come home! 😉

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  3. A few days ago a friend and I were discussing how much we were looking forward to November. It’s the time of year when the outdoors doesn’t distract from what needs to be done indoors – too cold for tennis, swimming, etc. but there’s no snow for winter activities. We were looking forward to a bit of hunkering. I don’t suffer from SAD so I see the grey days as a gift. I don’t suffer from SAD, so I can only offer empathetic support there. May you find the equilibrium.

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