I’ve been having fun kicking out the blog posts the past few days and digging into other blogs searching for those words that make my brain light up with joy.  And one of the themes that keeps swirling around that I’ve noticed on some of the other blogs has to do with whether you’re a success.

How on Earth are you going to gauge that one?

Success in whose terms?  Or in what way?  Or is it all a numbers game?

One blog seems to be saying you have to write and post every single day, but you have to be posting high quality content too.  Is that possible every day?  Isn’t that sort of contradicting?  I mean volume doesn’t equal quality.

I suppose one can produce quality work every day, but really brilliant writing, in my mind, comes about a little less frequently.  It’s not mechanical.  For me, anyway, that kind of quality is “channeled” at certain times, and those times could strike at any moment.  I just hope I’m somewhere near some scraps of paper, or the keyboards, or a voice recorder when that happens.  It’s like lightening.  A flash and gone.

Words, when they come to me, do so as singular events.  Once they are gone, they’re gone.  If I haven’t recorded them in some way at that moment, I will never get them quite perfect again.  I could “fail” if I don’t have a pen handy.  Or at least lose some words.

Have you ever lost some words?  Like forgetting your sunglasses on the way to the beach, I have. 😊

Another writer would measure success by the number of followers you have.  But is that anywhere close to accurate?  I mean I have a fair number of followers, but I really seem to have a much smaller core group of actual readers.  So, should you measure success by the number of likes you get instead?

I’ve seen some blogs with 10 or 20 thousand followers and they get a hundred or so likes on their posts.  So who is really reading them?  Or reading them all the way through to the end?  Or are those followers really in the like-trading business?

Another blogging friend of mine claimed that she only writes for herself.  She says she’s not interested in whether or not she has followers or even if people read her work.  Could that really be true?  If you go to the trouble of starting up a weblog, don’t you want others to read your stories?  Isn’t that the purpose?  I could write all kinds of stuff for my own benefit and not put it out on a public forum, so I find that train of thought to be a bit sketchy.

When I fired up the computer this morning one of the lead articles that popped up had to do with what Warren Buffet says makes you a success.  Just one habit to get into.  Saying “No” to almost everything.  To business people, it’s all about delegating and the claim that one has to maintain focus on a limited number of goals.

Would that philosophy work with writers?  NO!

We can’t delegate our writing to others, and while focus is important, I can be writing multiple pieces in my head at the same time.  I do that a lot.  I want to get all the ideas down on paper so sometimes, a laser, pin-point precision focus is not what I want to have at all.

Clearly, I’m just rambling today.  Not writing anything brilliant, and maybe not even drawing the readers in with this post.  But I would like to hear what others think of as being successful.  I mean, I find having reached retirement is a success in its own right. I suppose I don’t have to do anything any more at this point in time.  But I do love to write. 😊

What do you think?  With regard to writing, what do you see as being a success?


Photo:  I snapped this one at the San Diego zoo.  Why this pic for this post?  Well, I struggled a bit this morning thinking of symbolic representations of success.  I searched Tarot cards, Animal Totems, the I Ching, my book of symbols – you name it.  I love symbolism.  All kinds of symbolism.

But today I was finding such a wide range of different interpretations of various subjects.  One book says the Rat symbolizes success.  Another says it’s the Pig.  Another, a Lion.  Symbols of clouds, stars, and suns.  Could any source agree?  And that’s when it hit me.  This variation, these very differences in how different authors and sources defined or represented success depicts the dilemma in my post perfectly.   How do you define such a nebulous term?

So I went with this and my own definition.  I consider this pic a success because it actually caught the water droplets in mid-air as this majestic bird took a drink.  So define success however you wish 🙂  Just be true to yourself.


30 thoughts on “Success?”

  1. Wise words, indeed.

    I’m most likely not a success at all. I don’t even have Facebook. Forget the Instagram, almost never update it with something new.

    I love to write, but often my head goes blank when I open wordpress to write a new blog post. Have not many followers, but I have time to read other peoples posts, most of them anyway. And maybe, to tell the truth, not every day. And I’m lousy making comments. Normally. But I normally answer when someone writes a comment on any of my posts.
    There is probably something wrong with me – as it comes to being media-successful.

    Otherwise, I love being retired! I can do what pleases me, including being a couch potato. I consider myself happy, in the middle of my singleness – though I have friends I meet regularly.

    I am a success! Maybe not in media terms of posting daily, having many followers, interacting socially 24-7 (or between 7-11) meaning all the time. I often have to look for where I have my iPhone!

    I live and I am alright! Good even! Also when reading, watching movies, walking, biking – or taking a nap after lunch. I love myself, and I listen a lot to Kryon.

    Wish you all the best.

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  2. It’s stupid! I wrote a – quite long – comment here. A pretty good one!
    Then I forgot to send it, and so it was lost! That’s how successful I am. Not to mention that I don’t post daily, am lousy commenting, read other peoples posts but mostly just like… could go on here…
    I don’t have Facebook, and I very often have to search for my iPhone.
    But to me – I am quite alright, and a success – just not in media terms. But that doesn’t matter.
    And now I have to remember to “send”.

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  3. I think like you, that a lot of post get likes, but are not read. In terms of writing, I mean, success is when the reader resonates with the author …
    In general, I think that success is a variable individualist.

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  4. Success in whose terms? Or in what way? Or is it all a numbers game? Good questions, which need individual answers. But since you quoted Warren Buffet, I must assume that at one time you thought it was all a numbers game. ‘Cause that’s what the popular media tells us. Otherwise, why read Buffet?

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  5. Writing, for me is an ebb and flow – sometimes the words dry up and I have nothing, but that’s okay. I am not a machine; not a robot. I write from my personal experiences and life in general. Sometimes I am writing from the perspective of another (or what I think their perspective might be). For me, I feel successful when I can frame just the right word to express what’s in my heart and it doesn’t matter if it’s read by one or by many, if it resonates with a single soul then that is what was meant to happen – perhaps my humble offering is just what that single solitary soul needed to read that particular day. I am not hung up on how many followers or how many likes a post gets. My purpose in writing is generally to express myself and I am grateful to have this avenue or tool to do so. I enjoyed this post. It’s thought provoking and I do love to have my thoughts provoked. 🙂

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    1. That is perfect. I think if you love writing you won’t be trying to force words onto a page. And everyone gains when you share your experiences. I kind of have multiple objectives. I love to tell stories from the heart, but I do fill in with editorializing, or short commentary. Different writing styles, but I always try to let the words flow. I love playing with words. This is a great avenue, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you and reading your work here – very inspiring 😊

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      1. Aw, that is so kind of you… yes, I enjoy WordPress and the opportunity to interact with other creators/artists/writers. I am often inspired, comforted, and always supported by my friends on here and I deeply appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks Jane ! Writing from the heart is definitely sharing a living moment ❤ I think those that really love writing know when they produce something that is good, feels right, has the proper tone and rhythm. They know when they’ve been in the “zone” and need no external measure of success. That work resonates because we all can relate. If others are writing with non-creative templates to serve up a mass production product designed to generate sales, well they may measure success in terms of dollars, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that writing 🙂❤


      1. Yes, that kind of writing is the ‘white noise’ we all shy away from and my brain just slides off it. We instinctively know when we are being sold to. Underneath all the ‘white noise’ in life we seek heart connection. ❤ Hugs for you, H. ❤

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  6. Wow, another great story. A few years back I was in a grocery store. I left my bag open in the cart and in less than a minute my cell phone was stolen. A few weeks later, it was mailed back to me in a plain evelope with no address. Guessing some kid pinched it and the parent most likely mailed it back since I had my address on the back of the phone, along with my email. These days, we all need to be on the lookout for these cons. The minute the slightest red flag goes up, I walk away. Thanks for sharing and BTW, it’s hard to believe a bartender would kick you out of a bar for having fun. Perhaps, you were stealing his thunder.

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