The Big Chill

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Back from the dead.  Well not quite dead, but placed in suspended animation – by Twitter.

Yes social media has its glitches and it seems my Twitter account was suspended a couple of days ago, without warning or explanation, for ?????  Your guess is as good as mine.  After appealing, they reinstated my account with reference to a very vague policy statement.

Yes, I’m happy they reinstated my account as I enjoy following others and seeing their posts, but I’m a bit perplexed by them having suspended my account in the first instance.  I was accused of misusing Twitter’s product features under their “Platform Manipulation and Spam Policy” by:

  • using a trending or popular hashtag with an intent to subvert or manipulate a conversation or to drive traffic or attention to accounts, websites, products, services, or initiatives; and
  • Tweeting with excessive, unrelated hashtags in a single Tweet or across multiple Tweets.


This is really fascinating.  On the day I was suspended, a new follower had re-tweeted 17 of my posts.  I thought that was pretty cool, and I did the customary thing on Twitter, I re-tweeted those tweets with the above hashtags, and some additional varied hashtags to make them article specific.

Really, using trending hashtags is what everyone does there.  And with a billion or more accounts, and me only having some 900 + followers, I don’t see how I was engaged in anything close to subversion.  And I would hardly call this “platform manipulation,” since this is the customary practice and usage of posts on Twitter.

“Excessive,” you have to be kidding.   If they allow 280 characters, how can hashtags become “excessive.”  What’s the magic number where there are too many????

But vagueness always plays into the hands of the administrator who can then selectively enforce policies to serve their own personal agenda – thus, Twitter appears to be the one who is actually engaged in platform manipulation and subversion.

The other problem with vagueness is that it leaves the victim with a huge question mark.  Since I am unable to decipher what the true crime was, I will be less active on that web forum for the simple reason that I have no idea when they will selectively strike again.  This chills free speech; which these web sites claim they promote.

Now, from a legal perspective, Twitter is a private company and it is not bound by the Constitution.    The Constitution only applies to government actors so Twitter is free to discriminate in this manner all it wants.  So, I guess I will hibernate in my cave for a while so as not to anger the Twitter monsters, lurking about in the cold, dark shadows, like Megalodon, the Black Demon Shark, waiting to swallow yet another account . . .


Any thoughts?

I’ve seen plenty of folks on Twitter threatening violence.

Did their accounts get suspended?

I see some of the most hateful posts ever on that site when it comes to politics.

Is hate and violence acceptable over the hashtags of Love, Life, Spirit and Soul ????

In Metta


Photo: While I was out west, I did a hike in an intact Lava Tube!  Pretty cool.  I picked this image to represent the cold, dark underworld.  The place where monsters lurk.  Or, alternatively, the cave in which I will dwell to maintain social media acceptance and conformity.  We wouldn’t want people to actually express their opinions and views out there in cyberland, now would we?  Gee, free expression of thoughts and ideas might subvert the public – LMAO!

BTW: The top trending hashtag on Twitter right now is #asslikethat.  What an elevated and enlightened web platform this is . . .

16 thoughts on “The Big Chill”

  1. I don’t understand the algorithms being used. What constitutes good, and what constitutes bad, and who is determining this? First amendment…..My daughter saw Zuckerberg speak at her college last week regarding free speech and she said it was very interesting.

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    1. Yes. Those algorithms are limited to what’s programmed into them and they don’t take into account context. Zuckerberg is interesting. He says he wishes to promote free speech, leaves totally false info on FB, yet they blocked a post of mine of a simple book review, and took down a friend’s for having the words white trash. In my instance, I then posted all the same book reviews from the web sites selling the books and they allowed those. So I can only assume that they didn’t like my original source – The American Bar Association

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  2. I love, love, love your sense of humour!…and your wittiness! 🙂 And your photo?? I loved that too. It made me think of Halloween, and yes, you guessed it: I love Halloween! Be well, my friend! ❤ 🙂

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  3. Well, Earthwalker, you have to ask yourself what Twitter gives you. If it is important to you – you have to grin and bear it. Their rules will always win.
    I don’t use either Twitter nor Facebook. I read the rules and didn’t like them. We all make our choices according to what feels fulfilling.


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    1. In reality, Twitter and FB have never contributed much, but I enjoy commenting about their platforms. Absurd reactions such as this suspension, probably based on an algorithm, do give me fodder for a bit of playful writing. That is my form of grinning and bearing it. Regardless, I attach no importance on it either way. I gave FB credit for being able to stay in touch with friends and family that I don’t see very often and allowing me to share pics, but after discovering how that platform was being used to manipulate behavior, I no longer have much interaction there. Twitter has always struct me as a place for much hateful commentary. But I also see how the writing community uses these platforms to promote their work, etc., and some day, I may do the same so I try to maintain a presence, even if small, on those platforms. Actually, of all social media, I’ve enjoyed WP the best. I’ve actually made friends here, discovered amazing talent in writing and poetry and photography and art. Just like reading your poetry – “Brushstrokes” – now that makes my brain feel happy 🙂

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