In the Moment

I generally don’t post ramblings of daily activities on my blog.  I usually find some subject matter, a central theme, and may weave several concepts together to compose something that is hopefully a little more interesting than what I had for dinner last night.

But my postings have been less frequent as of late, and the month of September has slipped by so fast.  Why?  Well, I would say I’ve been living more in the moment and trying to figure out a little more about my life path.

At least the short-term future.

The environmental illness I have is the driver, because it’s getting more difficult to find “safe space.”  Places where I don’t have chemical reactions.  And the past few years have taught me that staying in motion may be the best alternative. That way, if I find myself in a contaminated environment, I know I will be moving on shortly.  Frankly, it’s also been fun.

I love staying in motion.

So, while I’ve spent the month outlining and researching thirteen different options for habitation, it appears that starting in 2020, I will try to take this show on the road more.  In fact, I’ve been on the computer so much this past month looking at alternatives, my shoulder and wrist are aching from clenching that silly mouse.

Who knows what will happen or where I’ll end up.  Stay tuned . . .

And just for fun, let me ask all my blogging friends, do you have a dream destination, and if so, why and when are you going ??? 🙂

In Metta


Photo:  Back in early August, I was exploring in the Rockies and I set out on this particularly primitive road.  One-lane, one-way, narrow, unmaintained, climbing steeply in elevation, mountain mud.  While it was raining and becoming slicker.

Deep ravines in the road were cut by four-wheelers, and all the other vehicles on this ascent were SUVs and Jeeps.  The ruts they left were deep enough to swallow up the Prius.  But here I was, in the moment, wishing, in part, I hadn’t taken this turn, but hanging on till I reached the top of the mountain.  You can see that I was nearing the tree-line when I snapped this pic – one-handed with the cell while driving 🙂 Despite the stress, I was enveloped in that surrealistic beauty you can only find in the mountains, and in order to get that view, you have to take the risk.  Such is life 🙂

12 thoughts on “In the Moment”

  1. My dream destination probably doesn’t exist. I want to live near water, but also walking distance to a little town, where the weather is temperate, neither too hot nor too cold, and I want a screened in porch with a fireplace and a comfy chaise

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  2. I hope you find your safe place.I am still exploring what I really want – trying to figure our my heart’s desire. Life is always changing. At one point in time I could answer that question easily – not so much these days…..

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  3. Aren’t you brave, attempting that in a Prius with its low clearance!
    Are dry conditions better for your condition or doesn’t it matter? (Arizona comes to mind.)
    Do you take natural treatments like chlorella and hemp powder to neutralize toxins in the body? With all the daily toxins we are exposed to, it helps to incorporate daily detoxing into the diet, esp. as we age to lower the threshold. I take lemon/ginger/milk thistle/chlorella.

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    1. LOL, I drove on the top tracks of the ruts – only bottomed out once 😁 I love Az! I am taking a supplement regime which helps. It includes milk thistle. I’ll have to try adding the others. I also use a portable infrared sauna and that helps too. But still triggered easily

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