Lost and Found

Well, I’m back.  Sort of.  And momentarily.

Back where?

The launchpad.  The place I always leave from 🙂

The summer travels are complete and planning is on the way for the next round.  Hopefully some more before winter sets in.  And definitely more on the distant horizon of 2020.

If I had my choice, I’d never land.  I’d stay in perpetual motion.

For the moment, that is not meant to be.

While I was out “there” roaming, and hiking, and absorbed in Nature, I began to formulate some stories.  Scribbled down some ideas.  And then promptly misplaced most of them.

It’s true.  I couldn’t even remember the titles I had saved them under.  So filled was my mind with my surroundings.  The true Spirits in the wilderness.

Computer searches aren’t exact.  Aren’t exactly effective at all.  So for the past couple of weeks, I just couldn’t find the keywords to lead me back to those scribblings.  Those unfinished thoughts.

So this morning I embarked upon a thorough search.  Title by title.  And much to my surprise, instead of the two unfinished articles I sought, I found nine hiding away in the memory banks of my laptop.

So now it’s time to see if I can finish any of those thoughts.  Or if I still want to.  I have to say, the creative juices have gone a bit dry as I am readjusting to the place I’d rather be departing from.

So we’ll see . . .


Photo: Nymph Lake.  I chose this pic for its dual meanings.  Looking at this magical place, one can visualize that mythological Nymph.  The beautiful Spirit inhabiting these waters.  The sunrise glistens on the mountains overlooking her.  The morning fog burning off in the distance.

But I also like the image of an immature form of an insect that evolves and changes over time as it grows into maturity.  That is the stage those lost, and now found, stories lie.  They are Nymphs.  We’ll see if they mature with time.


RMNP - Nymph Lake - 3

Lotus Flower from Lake Hike +C1+SPFx2

15 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

  1. Always a pleasure to go along with you on your journeys. I cannot hike or do extensive physical activity anymore due to chronic pain. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with chronic pain. That is an awful thing. Like my chemical sensitivity reactions, it is also something other people can’t visibly see so there is a general lack of understanding on how debilitating these conditions can be. I wish you the best with your pain control

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. Many do not understand and feel you may bring this upon yourself by how you think, etc. This is not correct. People can be insensitive and downright rude and prejudiced to folks with health issues. This summer, I suffered a heatstroke and my kidneys were severely affected.Thankfully, I found a organic tea and drank it for a month and it helped. I am also sensitive to chemicals and allergic to most medications. Our world is becoming more and more toxic. Poor air, water, GMO foods, etc. Wishing you a great day.

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    1. I agree, and some people not only think that you bring it on yourself, but may also think it is psychological and not physical. The world is definitely becoming more toxic. I think people will finally start paying attention because more people will become afflicted, but hopefully not before it’s too late. Best wishes to you too 🙂


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