Thank You and Come Again

A while back I wrote a piece called Experimental Writing.  I have taken that post down with about a hundred others, but the point of the piece was that everything we write and put out here for the world to see is a bit of an experiment.

We learn through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. What people like to read, and how they like to read it.

And while my background has me well trained in technical writing, and formalized legal writing, my academic training did little for teaching me what I think is truly important – the art of storytelling.  That’s one of those things I’ve been learning on my own.

The feedback from the WP community is great.

So yesterday I attempted to write what was supposed to be part two of a short series I started playing with about current societal gender roles and the concept of being “conscious” in those roles.  And because of my fascination with word usage and origin, I was poking a little fun at the evolution of the slang word “woke.”

To tackle the controversy surrounding this single-syllable, yes, believe it or not there are folks fighting over ownership rights to a slang word, I had to discuss the concept of “cultural appropriation.” Something that I think has become a bit distorted. Grossly distorted, in fact.

What I ended up with looked a little bit like a cross between editorializing and a legal brief, and I’m not sure anyone would have gotten the type of humor I tried to infuse it with, as I respectfully called Bullshit on it all. 😊

It was a lump of coal.  And as a dear heart once told me, intelligence only goes so far.

She’s right of course.

Realizing that this was probably not my only failure at composing, I thought I should take a moment to thank all my followers out here in WP land.  I greatly appreciate your visits, you trying to digest the meanderings through my mind, and your insightful comments.

You give me courage.  You give me strength.  You give me the will to get back on the horse and throw something out there for the world to see.  Accepting the risk of whether it will fly or falter.

So, thank you all for being here, and please come visit again.  You help me to grow as a writer, and I’m eternally grateful for that.

In Metta


Photo: Back in the saddle, somewhere in time and space.

18 thoughts on “Thank You and Come Again”

  1. One thing I have found interesting is the way my readership goes up when I have written about something sad and/or dramatic – like when the wildfires encircled out city and we had to evacuate. Otherwise the numbers are not as high. But that’s okay. A big reason I write is to express my own thoughts, and not particularly to gain any huge following.

    I enjoy the community and feel so grateful for all the support I have found here on WordPress. And, perhaps, some of what I write may be helpful to someone out there.

    I fully enjoy reading your posts, as well as those of others. I have found a lot of kindred spirits here and you are one (I think so anyway). Please keep writing what you write. You truly are a blessing and quite often a breath of fresh air. And I thank you for that.

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    1. Thank you so much ❤ I agree with the traffic patterns you’ve noted. It is interesting and many times I am surprised by the posts that bring in the most comments. This is a great community and yes, I think we’re kindred spirits too 🙂

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  2. I don’t know…I believe those who can unite non-fiction & fiction in 1 piece =are the best writers:) it should be invisible tho…to the human eyes 👀:))
    I think you r too hard on yourself & your writing…but of coz, we learn all the time

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    1. I think you’re right. Combining non-fiction and fiction takes you to a very believable and relatable story – love that! Thanks, and well, I’m supposed to be hard on myself 🙂


  3. You remind me of one of my favorite quotes: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world” -Albert Einstein. Many of us enjoy following you on your journey of the mind… even when we get dizzy trying to keep up. 🙂

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