So, I’m walking backwards today.  I’ve often said I do things backwards in life, in terms of my career growth, progression of tackling various challenges, both mental and physical, etc.  But today, I’m applying this to writing a post for the blog.

I usually get some type of thought bubble, stumble upon related materials and then try to link them all together.  A draft comes together.  I polish and post it.  And I enjoy, and learn from, the comments that follow.

Today, I’m going to ask for comments before I write.  Yes, the backwards approach.

You see, I’ve been wanting to write something about gender issues for some time, but the topic seems to be in a perpetual firestorm, and I’m not sure even the most sincere and honest intentions can be perceived beyond the veil of anger and natural bias that is fuming out there in the cyberworld.

Men and woman have been burdened with certain societal expectations of behavior ever since their DNA split.  And these burdens, maybe more appropriately called traditions, victimize both genders.

There has re-emerged a concept of being a “Woke” or “Conscious” male and a concept of re-awaking the “Divine Feminine.”  Both of which I believe are as old as time (these are not some new discoveries), and both of which honor the “true” nature of the feminine and male spirits.  Spirits unbridled by fear, guilt, and shame.   This evil triad said to be used as mechanisms of control, which are wielded as weapons of government and religion, and imprinted upon us as unwritten societal mores.

So, I’m asking for some early feedback.  And I’ll let you know ahead of time that I don’t follow conventional custom here.

I truly believe a person’s worth is wrapped up in their heart and soul and not dependent upon stereotypes, materialistic and superficial qualities, nor with fitting in with “normal” societal dictates.

I believe both sexes have to own their persona, beliefs, and actions.  Individually, we must take responsibility for everything in our lives.  This means taking a pretty hard look in the mirror, because many of things we may give lip service to as despising are tactics we employ on a daily basis in seeking to fulfill our own needs and our sense gratification.

Let’s have a bit of honest discussion here 😊


Photo: The White-Nosed Coatimundi. Not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but I was lucky to snap this one off with a cellphone camera when I was blessed with this spirit’s presence on a hike.  I chose this photo because the Coati is in the Raccoon family and Raccoons symbolically represent the dexterity in which masks are worn.  Disguise and secrecy is the magic of the Raccoon, and I believe that we, as humans, engage in wearing masks all the time – including to deceive ourselves as to our own self-image.  Today’s post is working towards unmasking our true natures.

23 thoughts on “Query”

  1. Not sure what kind of feedback you want. I raised both a son and a daughter. Women and men are different, that all I can say. One better than the other? Women give life, men destroy life. You judge.

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    1. Thanks George! I left it totally open to see what people might say. Your statement rings true. I don’t see either sex as better or worse. I think both can create or destroy, depending on what we’re referring to. We have certainly perfected killing each other though, that’s for sure. And it’s usually the men doing the killing.

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    1. That’s a good start 🙂 Myself included, but I’m challenging myself to grow more each day. One thing I really hate right now is the polarization I see going on between groups of people. Political parties, the sexes, the races, ethnic groups, religions. It seems one group has to be demonized while the other claims to be the worst victim. There should be no competition to get in either category, I dislike seeing the unwillingness to explore issues and find common ground.

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      1. Exactly! Where’s the rubric on which tragedy is greater? I started to get annoyed when I saw a thing a few years ago about why we’re still talking about the victims of 9/11 and why aren’t other human tragedies given more air time. I started to wonder why anyone would begrudge anyone who has encountered a tragedy. And don’t get me started on revisionist history…

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      2. Very true. And we can begin by truly looking at ourselves and admitting our own inconsistencies. One thing I learned when I entered the legal world. I even had to give up the idea of there being two sides to an issue and had to see that there are multiple sides

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  2. My understanding is that as we evolve more and more toward oneness and higher dimensional existence we will become androgynous beings with perfect harmony within each. I think that is why we see more and more people wanting to express and explore themselves in both ways. I feel it is a great thing because it shows that we human race as a whole is evolving and waking up. We should love and embrace everyone no matter how they wish to express themselves.

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  3. A challenging question! Gender is not straightforward or easily classified into female/male. For those of us who identify strongly as male or female it is very difficult to understand how someone could not feel equally clear about the question. There’s probably some science there that we haven’t learned yet. The best thing to do while we wait and explore to figure things out is to affirm the wholeness and value of all people, no matter how they identify.

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    1. It is challenging, and evolving, and yet not a new issue as I mentioned in the post talking about Laguna Pueblo. What I find disturbing now is a lot of divisional energy is being ramped up – the us versus them mentality – between the sexes when I see no need for it at all. People are imperfect. Behavior is imperfect. Overgeneralizing behavior to condemn an entire portion of the population gets us nowhere.

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