11 thoughts on “Routine is Lethal . . .”

    1. They certainly can. There are many ways to change the world. I think one of the greatest things a person can do, that they actually have control over, is to simply not add to the chaos that surrounds us. As for “adventure,” that can mean different things for different people. I’m happy to be retired and out of a daily routine, especially after working for not so good employers 🙂

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  1. Always loved that quote. Yep I do not like routine. I hate stagnation too. Being stuck in one place. I love travel. Or if you live in one place always exploring. David Bowie once said “Boredom is a Crime”. I am my happiest without routine or mundane stuff but then I am a creative type. 🙂

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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more and being that men can tend to be more routine oriented I commend you on not being that way. Lovely photo by the way, creativity goes a long way.

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