It’s been said that in order to write, one must read.  And I get it.  Not only do you learn how to compose by seeing other styles of writing and how words flow together, but you get ideas.  And there are lots of ideas floating about out there.

In the context of freedom of speech, which of course includes the written word, 17th Century philosophers espoused (and supreme court justices later stole) the concept of the “marketplace of ideas.”  Similar to a free market approach to the economy, it is believed that the “truth” will emerge from the competition of ideas in a free, transparent, public discourse.

Of course, the definition of “truth” may vary from person to person, and any given “truth,” more often than not, reflects what a person believes to be true, not some objective, measurable fact.  One could also argue about “transparency” and just who controls the information circling about out there, but that discussion is a trek I don’t wish to embark upon for the moment.

Belief.  Now that’s where I’m headed today.

Down that dusty, winding trail of our individual existence.  Do you believe you chose that trail?  Your life trajectory.  Or was it chosen for you?

How did you get on your course?  Arrive at your destination?  Connect to the next dot on the map?

Did you consciously direct all of your actions to lead you to the mountain precipice you stand on today?  Or did some sort of fate, or unseen forces, act as your movie director coaching out your screenplay?  Lights!  Camera!  Action!

And what’s next?

Do you believe in coincidence?  Just how is it that certain doors open and others slam shut?  Have you arrived where you thought you would?

That’s a lot of questions to ponder, but when I think back there have been multiple times in my life when I was sure I heading in a certain direction and something intervened.  I guess the question there becomes whether that intervention was self-generated or not.

On at least three occasions, there was a traumatic turn of events that resulted in me totally reinventing myself.  Finding a different path.  But it always seemed, in hindsight, that I ended up where I supposed to be.

If you don’t believe in coincidence, and I don’t, then what happened?  Was this some form of destiny?  Is it by spiritual design?  Do you find yourself wondering what would have happened if you had gone in a different direction?  Or maybe, have you pondered, did you even have a choice?  Would all roads have led to the current path you’re on?

And now I suppose we’ve circled back to belief.

Did our souls choose this course before assuming this bodily experience?  Do we have “soul contracts” to fulfill while we are here?  And once completed, are we then released from this physical form that wanders the planet?  Finally reach escape velocity.

Do we get to go “home”?  To that plain of spiritual bliss.


What is your truth about your trajectory?


Photo:  Back in the 90’s I was lucky to witness a night launch of the Space Shuttle.  Here it is, on a trajectory to reach escape velocity.  Interesting concept.  Breaking the bonds of the gravitational pull of the planet.  And then if orbit is established, it falls back towards the Earth at the same speed the Earth rotates away from it 🙂


21 thoughts on “Trajectory”

  1. The free will debate. 🙂 My belief is that we have limited free will. We are free in some ways, but predetermined in others.I do believe in Divine intervention , protection, guidance and even that God has control over when we die. I also believe he lets us fight against his plans sometimes, in order to teach us, humble us, or punish us, so that is part of the plan , too. He is never unable to intervene. But trying to understand how that all works makes my brain hurt. I think it has to do with him being all-knowing and outside of time. But I feel comfort in believing in God’s sovereignty. Since I believe that God loves me and cares about what happens to me in this world and the next, I trust his plan. I could give tons of examples of when he stepped in and when he didn’t. I think sometimes he doesn’t because he is waiting for us to DO something, then he steps in. Big questions! 🙂 Happy Friday!

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  2. Life’s big questions! I guess we won’t have some of the answers until we’ve passed, when we can’t share with the living. I believe in the soul all the same, and loose soul contracts, that have built-in wiggle room to get the agreements accomplished with the help of those we meet along the way. Much to ponder!

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    1. Indeed! And thanks for sharing your wisdom. There does seem to be divine intervention and guidance, and if we are part and parcel of the divine, does that guidance reside in us at all times? As you say, we may never know until we leave this physical body 🙂


    1. Agreed! I didn’t always see that initially, but found out as things progressed. It’s weird, because I look back now sometimes and think about all kinds of different directions or paths I could have chosen. But I think that is natural to us curious folks. I’m happy where I’m at, and I wouldn’t change the “whacks-in-the-head” 🙂


  3. There is a constant wind. We decide if we want to move with it, against it, build a sail, stand, or be pushed over by it. One can even successfully sail against it, if skilled with the sail and rudder. With the paddle, patience and perseverance is required. I think, for the most part, we don’t understand it, or even have the capability, at this point.

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  4. Yes, I love this argument. Personally, I believe our trajectory is not wholly predetermined but affected by aspects of living which simply happen, often requiring action, thought, decision in response. Societal expectations and ‘norms’ (in a conformist context have a large part to play in our trajectory and therefore I believe that in many ways, we do have the true freedom of choices, decisions or actions. But belief is a whole different ball-game. It has to be, for each of us to be individual and, reasonable human-beings. Or, humans being, as I once heard, and, prefer. As for fate, or predermination of a path, I cannot agree. The mere thought of a path being fateful or more glibly, written in the stars, seems to me preposterous. The earth, our galaxy and the universe beyond, and all contained within – are all comprised of organic matter with, I believe, no sentient capability. We’re it so that I am wrong, are we arrogant enough to believe truly that our fates are individually mapped from birth? And what a coincidence that such decisions are ready to be lived, as suffering puppets from the moment we exit the womb. Life happens. Wishes, thought, dreams, ideas – happen. And we respond in ways dependant on our individual powers of reasoning, beliefs, mood, or logic.. if many paths lead us to the same place, is it fated? Is there proof of that fate? No. I don’t believe there can be. But we can choose to believe there is, if we wish to. But I don’t. Life happens. We absorb the elements and choose our paths, determined or accidentally.. we end up where we end up. What matters is, that we’re happy with the destination, surely?

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    1. Love your comments Robert! And thanks for contributing to this discussion. I particularly love your note about “humans being!” Yes, total predetermination would seem to make it all purposeless wouldn’t it. While individual “corrections” to trajectory, so to speak, might have some element of divine guidance or protection, we are constantly making choices that can lead to unforeseen results. I do think things can happen accidentally, and it’s tough to label a consequence or condition as “bad,” because we can learn and grow from it all. I do have trouble believing in coincidence though simply because of so many chance encounters that have been timely and significant. One of my animal totems or spirit animals (something I choose to believe in) is the Heron that symbolizes fierce self-determination. That doesn’t necessarily mean I can overcome all opposing forces though, as was clearly exhibited by my last employment experience 🙂 Even that was a blessing in disguise and you hit the mark when you say what matters is that we are happy

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  5. Correction: I believe that in many ways, we don’t * have the true freedom of choices. You probably picked up on that, H!)

    Whatever paths or decisions we take only really matter in respect of how content we are with our current destination. But our destination of today becomes yesterday’s path leading to our destination of tomorrow. There is only present. Therefor the juxtaposition of path and destination interchange during everyninfintessimal moment of our lives. A bit mind-boggling really. But, a great discussion to pass the time. There.. I’ve arrived and, in a second, I’ll be off again… 😂

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    1. 🙂 LOL! That is deep, mind boggling, and very true. Constant change, but we’re only in the present moment. I find this feeling of detachment ever present, and time loses its construct more every day. Purpose or destination is a free flowing concept

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  6. I think we may have unsolved the unsolveable, H! 😂 I do love these little chats you seem to consistently unearth. When Blackadder was teaching Baldrick to add two beans to two more beans and hit a brick wall, he said to Baldrick in frustration, “Thinking is SO important, Baldrick! What do YOU think?!” Baldrick replied, “I think thinking is SO important, my Lord!”

    And, I agree. 🥴

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  7. I do not believe in coincidence either. Nor do I believe my path is planned out by some Divine One. I think life is an invitation to something greater and sometimes I reject the gift and sometimes I dive in. Sometimes I am aware but most of the time obliviousness rules the day.

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    1. Thanks for your insight. Perhaps becoming more aware, so obliviousness doesn’t get the best of us, is a good purpose to strive for. I’m sure I’ve missed many invitations along the way. Many belief systems include preparing for the transition to the astral body. But I don’t think it is easy to maintain a state of higher awareness and there are certainly many distractions and competition for attention with trying to live in a modern world.

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      1. Those moments of higher awareness are great but I think the real point is to bring that awareness into the present moment and into the life around us. Reaching those enlightened moments are profound and sacred experiences but to seek them for their own sake is a bit selfish (I think). Our insights are meant to be shared and then the ordinary is infused in the sacred.

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      2. I agree. Maintaining and sharing that awareness is paramount. Attaining such moments can be difficult. Sometimes it is haphazard or not readily controlled. Maintaining them even harder. And I think sharing them can be even harder in a distracted world 🙂

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