It’s that time of year.  The flowering trees have started to bloom.  It usually begins with Wild Cherry and Plumb.   Then come the Redbuds and Magnolias.  Then Dogwoods, Catalpas, Buckeyes, and Mimosas.

There are a lot of trees in my area with small, white flowers.  Probably too many to know all of them.  But the other day, when I was out on the trail,  I spied this little beauty laying in the grass.  It only took a second to realize that it wasn’t a ground flower.  There was an entire blanket of these blooms lying under a tree.  The Hawthorn Tree.

This was the first time I took a close look at this particular blossom.  And it was quite a gift for the day 🙂

The center sort of looks like a creature with unfolding tentacles.  Perhaps a Sea Anemone.  Take in its beauty and use your imagination.  What do you see?


Missouri Hawthorne Tree Flower +C1

15 thoughts on “Hawthorn”

  1. “Blanket of blooms” created a great moment in my mind. I’ve been reading the book “Within the Frame” by David duChemin. Have you read it? Paraphrasing his words….your unique vision…develops and changes…”learning not only to see with more clarity, but to express that vision in stronger and stronger ways”…..you have expressed yourself here in both words and within a frame. Thank you for sharing your journey. .

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  2. Ohhh! Photos of *all* the flowers, please, thanks! Is Hawthorn perfumed? What gorgeous flowers! How big are they? (I can handle imperial, but don’t use American currently for size because I’m not familiar with it!).

    I will try to do some photos with more flowers for the images on #thecomplimentproject for you!

    I had a similar experience this morning with some loquat flowers on the path when I arrived home from work.

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    1. Thanks ! I have a lot of wildflower pics. This one was about 2 inches in diameter – the close up really brings out the detail. I’ll look forward to seeing you pics too. Once I took a close look, I fell in love with them ❤

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