I captured this image when I was on one of my hikes in the Northwest.  High desert wildflowers were everywhere.

Many were flowers I had not seen before, like this one.  Many others seem to be common all over the states.

I always wonder what evolutionary adaptations these plants have made to thrive in the area where they live.  Is it the altitude, or the days’ photoperiods, or the temperature, or the elements in the soil, or the amount of precipitation?  All combining to produce something with just the right colors and the perfect perfume to attract the pollinators that will ensure their reproduction.

And they interlink in the complex fabric of life so they help ensure other species’ survival.  Even our own 🙂

High Desert Wildflower 4 + Retro


23 thoughts on “Wildflowers”

  1. This made me realise how often we forget that one being’s survival depends on another species’ well-being. I always find your deep-thinking and inquisitive mind inspiring.

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      1. Thanks, Stearley. I was just thinking that to an uninitiated eye, like mine, every variety of wildflower would seem rare and unique. Discernment can only come with time and experience. That said, species I would find common in this part of the world, though, might likewise be foreign to you. So, I suppose, it is ultimately really about exposure. Don’t you think?

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      2. It’s funny how we are inclined to categorise things as common or rare, forgetting/ignoring the fact that each one is unique within their own kind. It takes wise reminders to be conscious of that. To have the capacity to appreciate beauty while it lasts, or indeed, transience, in general, demands high wisdom and appropriate temperament.

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      3. No way to say it better. The wildflower that first caught my eye and sent me down the path of seeking out others was a “common” Red Clover. I may post that pic tomorrow. And as you say, that lesson on appreciating beauty transfers to all of this amazing Universe, including you 🙂


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