To Feel is Life

I know there are times where the words just don’t seem to flow, but is that really “writer’s block?”  I mean maybe I just don’t feel like writing something today.  Maybe I have other things to do.  Or maybe I’m a bit burnt.

A crispy-critter.

Sometimes writing something, a story from the past or a poem about a relationship, is just like a sucker punch to the gut.  It knocks the wind right out of me, and I really need some recovery time.  Some mindless activity to let a new scab form over that old wound.

Some wounds take a while to heal.  Some never seem to heal.  Such is life.

In fact, some wounds I don’t want to heal.  Never.

Now that might sound weird, but stop and think about it for a minute.  Or two.  Or three, maybe.  However long you need.  It may only be a blink of an eye for some of you.

There was a point I hit when I was a nurse where I had seen so much trauma that I really feared that I would no longer be able to cry.  Seriously.  Is there a limit on tears?  Are we only given the capacity to have so many?  Only allowed to cry one river of tears?  If so, my tears were all used up.

But I experienced another tragedy shortly after that fear hit me that left me crying for a full day.  And while the events of that tragedy were awful, I’m glad I experienced it.  And I hold onto it.  And I cry every time I think about it.  And it happened over 25 years ago.

I’m just glad that I didn’t lose the human connection.  My ability to empathize.  My ability to feel emotion.  To feel pain.

I think it’s essential to life itself.

If you lose this ability, you’re no longer human.  You would no longer even be animal.  You would be a machine.  Processing mechanical inputs and spitting out mechanical outputs.

To feel is to heal.  To feel is to love.  To feel is to live.

To feel for another’s suffering demonstrates that interconnection we have with everything in all life.  To actually feel the same feelings that another entity is experiencing, well, that’s a true connection of spirit.

It’s illuminating.  It’s invaluable.  It’s enlightenment in a raw form.


Photo: A portion of a dandelion’s head – its seeds covered in the morning dew.  Imagine each drop of water to be a separate story.  A story of life.  All such stories are intertwined 🙂

11 thoughts on “To Feel is Life”

  1. This is one of those times when I wish WordPress had a “love” button to click on, because I love this – I will have to read “Sara’s story” later, but I am intrigued. I am sure it is beautiful.

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  2. Wonderful post and Sarah’s story is so touching and beautiful. Thank you for sharing Harold. I always look forward to reading what you write✨

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  3. Earthwalking..on my recent trip, I stopped in at a small antique store in one of the towns that was hit by Hurricane Michael. The man who greeted me at the door had lost his home. The store he was working in belonged to a family member. As I walked through the small store, he reflected on the events of the hurricane and its aftermath. Trauma had struck so many people and changed their lives forever.

    I picked up a book “The Greatest Thing in the World” by Henry Drummond. As the varnish stained hands of the man opened the book to decide on a price, I knew I would purchase the book regardless of the price. That man’s heart was felt and shared from the moment he greeted me at the door.

    I got home a day or so ago and this morning, I began my prayer time and remembered the book. I went and pulled it out and began to read.

    My message to you in reference to your posting here and about Sarah:

    Love never fails. Regardless of what we go through, the greatest thing is love. The supreme gift is always love. Sometimes to love we feel a cost, but know this…you love because He first loved us. Love is always the way to go. Heal, my friend, through the love that was first given to you so that you will always have more than enough love to give to others.

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  4. I often remind myself when I grieve – grief is the price of love.

    Thank you for sharing this piece Harold, I spent yesterday sobbing my heart out as I euthanized my Feline Elder, and it was good for me to read this post of yours today.


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    1. Sorry you lost such a great companion. I took down the piece I had posted after this post. This one was an intro to it. A very emotional story from my days as a nurse. I’ll have to share that with you sometime.

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