One of Those Days

It’s one of those days where the words should just be flowing, but they aren’t.  The idea list looks boring too.  And a fresh blanket of snow makes outdoor activities less probable.

A day of confusion.

Computer files aren’t compatible or won’t open.  It’s as if the desktop is having the same brain fog as I am.

The utility bill is staring back at me, but the numbers all look wrong.  It must be for someone else’s home.

I couldn’t have used that much water.

Tried to finish a poem, but the words just aren’t quite capturing the emotion.  Close, but not there yet.  That’s a good descriptor for the day.

Just not quite there yet.

Guess I’ll turn on some music or do a guided meditation.  Try to clear my thoughts.

Perhaps some Six-Word Stories for fun.

“Today’s eternity is already entirely forgotten.”


“Time passed, and you were gone.”

“I awoke, but the dream persisted.”

“Music couldn’t stop her from crying.”

“Heart beats, drum beats, highway calls.”

“His mind meanders through alpine pastures.”

“He could not stop the rain.”

“Heartbeats quicken, Soul fire, you’re here.”

“Meditations did not help me escape.”

“Sunsets bring fire to my eyes.”

“The snow danced, entrancing those inside.”

“Nature is the only true artist.”

Ok, I’ll try again tomorrow 🙂


Photo: In the bottom of a canyon, surrounded by beauty, but limited light to view it.  A different type of fog over the day.  But the beauty will be uncovered.  It is hard to mask it forever.

20 thoughts on “One of Those Days”

  1. Love the poem! I have been having a difficult time putting into words all the randomness my brain has been spewing – perhaps it is the season, or the soon to be change of season. Let’s blame it on the moon. Or the sun…or something…I don’t know….okay, I’ll stop now.

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      1. Thanks so much! I went back and read it that way and was a bit surprised. I had not intended it to be a poem, but There are threads that pull it all together. So glad you pointed this out. Many times, when I write things, the readers see more, or see different things than I do myself. I’m always thrilled when my words resonate in any fashion 🙂

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      2. Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder, right?….and you do have a beautiful way of writing that is pure poetry….I do love that about art in all its forms, how it speaks to the soul

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