Wow!  So, I took an entire week off blogging.  I think that’s the longest time I’ve gone without making a post of some type.   It was sort of a culmination of things.

For one, my last story breathed life back into many memories from the past and that was a bit emotional for me.  I also had a few discussions with friends this past week that I found to be emotionally draining, and I received a very insulting letter from one of my former employers.

It was time to recharge a little, hibernate, and deconstruct.

Yes, deconstruct.

Instead of posting or actively participating in social media, I removed old posts, cleaned things up a bit, and did so in sync with doing some literal house cleaning.

Destroying can be as invigorating as creating – if it’s channeled correctly.  Even anger, which I believe is the most destructive emotion, can be channeled into something positive.

The week wasn’t all deconstruction, I also constructed an igloo since we had so much snow here.  And that was great fun.

But now it’s time to figure out the direction I’m going to go when I leave this temporary hibernation.  Leave the snow cave behind.

Only time will tell . . .


28 thoughts on “Deconstructing”

  1. What an interesting walk we are all on. “Decluttering” brings new perspectives, new challenges and at times new a-ha moments.

    Those emotional moments from the past…perhaps they were those moments that you weren’t ready to handle at the time they happened, but as time passed, the timing arrived to reflect on them. We have to grow in understanding sometimes to be able to face things head on. May whatever lies ahead of you Earthwalking13 be filled with time…time to declutter, time to gain new perspective and time to take on new challenges.

    Your igloo…I hope you took time to do a happy dance or least sing a song of praise once it was completed…joy and warmth are always found within…away from the world.

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