Clearing the Cobwebs

Well, I’m coming up to my one-year anniversary here on WordPress, and the blog has certainly helped me do what I set out to do with it.  It’s given me a creative outlet and provided incentive for me to write on a more regular basis.

That, in turn, has had many beneficial effects.  I do love to write, but I have to say, it is so easy to let time slip away with a million other things that it’s good to have something to help with my focus.  More importantly, I find writing to be very therapeutic for me.

The more I write, the better I feel.  And I have a lot of stories I want to get down on paper.  Some are a little hard to believe, but they’re true, and that makes them more fun.

I passed the 200-post mark a little while back and I realize as time goes on that my earliest posts probably aren’t being viewed by people anymore and I’ve decided to start taking them down.  They may get recycled at a later date in some form, but it’s time to clear the cobwebs off the blog, and out of my mind too.

New Year, fresh start.

I will keep up some of my personal favs, and some of those posts that everyone really liked.  And it may be time to start compiling some materials for a book.

Guess we’ll see what happens 🙂


Photo: An Orb-Weaver Spider, sometimes called a Yellow Garden Spider or a Golden Orb.  Orb spiders weave distinctive spiral webs.  I like to think that we, as writers, weave the stories we tell.  They go in all sort of directions, take many shapes, and have interconnections that will hopefully “capture our prey” – the attention and imagination of our readers.

spidy + spfx2

Coming Up: A little later today I’ll put up part one of my story that lost the writing contest I had entered it in.  (See my prior post “Loser.”)  I think it’s a good story from back in my road-living days of my early twenties.  It’s true too.  Hope you like it.

23 thoughts on “Clearing the Cobwebs”

  1. Congratulations! (And ty for the beautiful spider image). I for one am really thankful for the opportunities blogs give for connecting with others and myself.

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  2. Congratulations on reaching the one year mark! Perhaps you can reblog some of your earlier posts so your new followers can read them? You are one of the blogs I read on a daily basis and I really enjoy your work. I look forward to enjoying more of your talent✨

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    1. Thank you so much Dr. Perry! I love it that my writing resonates with you and I really appreciate the feedback. I might reblog some of those old posts 🙂 Going to post part 1 of a 2 part story today – hope you like it. 🙂

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  3. I have enjoyed perusing your postings. I’m glad I came across your blog page. I can relate to a lot of your thoughts and there are those that challenge my thinking…thank you.

    Your photography speaks volumes as well..sometimes words aren’t needed, are they? I will have to admit though that your photos do invoke the poet in me to find words to go with them.

    I had an encounter back in 2018 with a garden spider like you posted here. After I got over my “freaking out” initial discovery of her, I did go back and check on her activity. I will post a picture on my page…a dragonfly met her demise that day. ha.

    Have a wonderful 2019! I’ll look forward to future postings.

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