Yesterday was an interesting day for me because I actually had visitors at my place.  You see, my community, those people in my immediate physical sphere, as opposed to the cyber world, has shrunk over the years.

Our communities always shift and change.  We had a different group of people we hung out with during school that pretty much split up and went their separate directions.  Then we link up with significant others and that can bring their friends into our circles, but it can also begin to thin the numbers of friends that we have regular contact with as life takes over.

Time passes.  People become busy.  People raise families.  People become involved in other things.  People move.

A surprising number of people I’ve known have passed away.

So now that my world has shifted, again, I’m sort of starting over.  Rebuilding that lost community.  Making new connections.  And yesterday, I found myself getting acquainted with a person 40 years my junior.  A really nice and interesting guy, but hey, what do you want to talk about?  What do we have in common?  What would this guy find to be interesting?  We grew up in completely different worlds after all.

I often ask these same questions when I write for my blogging community.  It’s a very diverse community.  What would they find interesting?  Some stories resonate, but I’m not so sure about others.

We take leaps when we expand our communities.  Maybe not as literally as rock jumping, like in my feature pic, but we are letting new people into our private worlds, whether they are in cyberspace or the house next door.  So I’m just going to throw this out there for fun.  What do you like to hear about?  Do you have a preference of fiction or non-fiction?  More life stories?  Philosophical meanderings?

I have some tales about a time in my life when I didn’t always behave and follow the rules, but those might seem a bit radical or turn people off.  Then again, we’ve all evolved.  From potential prison time to a state judiciary attorney – that was a climb.  A big leap.  Perhaps there’s a few stories in there somewhere.

Maybe as a writing challenge I should ask everyone to write up the craziest thing they’ve ever done.  What do you think?

Feel free to jump in here 🙂


Photo:  I used to play this “game” when I went to this particular state park.  Two branches of a stream had cut a spine of limestone pinnacles between them.  The rock formations towered between sixty and seventy-five feet in varying heights.  Taller than many of the surrounding oaks and sycamores.  And I’d climb to the various high points and then leap to the lower ones in succession.  At a trot.  Since it was a thin ridge top, if you lost your footing and went over either side it would have meant instant death or at minimum a trip to the ICU.  I’d get running at a pretty good pace and keep my forward momentum.  Of course, I was much younger then and more pliable.  My body would bend then.  I’m sure I’d break something now if I tried it.  This pic caught me mid-air on one of those jumps, this one to a landing spot about twelve feet below me.  Sometimes we just have to take leaps of faith for that momentary feeling of being totally free 🙂

35 thoughts on “Community”

  1. Good post! Yes communities change. Sometimes we need to embrace the online communities just as much as the physical ones. Just because there are online it doesn’t make it less meaningful. You were daring doing those jumps! 🏃‍♂️

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  2. Yes things change, people too😔
    But age doesn’t make much difference. I have a few cyber friends who are 40 years older than me and I have friends 14 years younger! Still…. We’re pals.
    I don’t have any in the real life but I’m sure if i had, it wouldn’t make any difference. Be yourself, if the guy is cool, just be yourself. If the guy is not cool, well…. Be yourself too because it’s the only way he’ll see you the way you are. I’ve seen plenty of movies where a kid makes friendship with a very old person and they stay friemds till the end of one of them. So…..

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  3. This is another absorbing read! To say that it resonates would be an understatement. Yes, we all evolve, if we choose to that is. It makes me think that it is the only way that communities can evolve. Not always in the same DIRECTION. It always starts with the self. On another note, I too love the fact that I can connect with people all over the world here, appreciate common threads and differences alike and, feel an enrichment in doing so. Long may this journey continue. 🙏

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  4. I am always interested in hearing (or in our case reading) non-fiction stories. Something they experienced and learned from and now sharing thoughts on what they gained from the experience. Though, it doesn’t have to be too serious or too deep all the time. Some fun and crazy experiences are great, too!

    I agree, our digital world is now bigger than our local communities. Which is good in one respect but like you, face to face conversations are always best whenever possible.

    Btw, great picture!

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  5. Thanks for sharing. Your post very much resonates with me. I guess that is the good news/bad news of this journey, the impermanence of everything! Your posts are always good. Myself, I would love to hear more real life stories. We all struggle at times, live, learn grow. Real stories of overcoming…anything. I believe that is what this is all about. Yes, it is awesome to communicate with others all over world in cyber space, but, for me these online connections are lacking the affinity of real life relationships. Like yourself and many others my real life connections have changed, rearranged, and evolved many times over the years, through all of life’s offerings; graduations, enlisting, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, falling outs, falling ins, changing the lens…need I go on? Thank you again!

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  6. Lovely post, Stearley. That is impressive leaping! I feel that if we can open and share, then we connect more. We are all crying out for true connection. Just by being yourself, your writing will come from your heart, as it always does and that is all it needs to do. Age feels like a box to me and in this world of ours, everything can be judged so quickly on images and perceptions, without any real depth. The meaning gets missed. So age is just a label. Connection comes without labels. I hope you write and share your stories, as you feel moved to do. Hugs and ❤ for you.

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  7. I was yearning for connection a few years ago and was led to join a 3 year class; and made “new” friends. There may be something that you both learn from each other – which led you to write a wonderful and insightful post. Many blessings in the new year. ~ Bernice

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  8. Love the way you’ve worded this post! Shift, change, evolve, beautiful words to describe human (and non-human) mobility. Yet, man and his need to connect is as strong as ever, perhaps stronger now in an age of digital connections. At times I wonder if we’re witnessing a loss as such, with increasingly fragile interpersonal connections. Other times, I seek comfort in the laws of nature, what is meant to happen will happen regardless. Cynical? Pessimistic? Realistic? What do you think?

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    1. Thanks! I think you’re being realistic. Digital connections extend our reach but it is still not the personal, face-to-face, interaction that I think we all need. And our connections do, at times, seem fragile. Is that because we are being more honest about what we need or is it because we are forgetting how to truly relate? I don’t know, but I also believe in the laws of nature – what is meant to happen will happen 🙂

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      1. Well said! I sense that we’ve grown more honest as a community, which may have been instigated by the fear of forgetting how to relate. As long as humans exist, our connections shall endure, in whatever form they might take 🙂 Pleased with these discussions, thank you for your posts!

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  9. Earthwalking13…just be you…noone else can do that better than you can. Write pieces that reflect you, challenge you and inspire you…your words will connect as they need to with whomever they need to.

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