Fire and Air – Part 1

We had Earth and Water yesterday, so it’s on to Fire and Air – Yellowstone’s geyser basins.  Or at least a couple of them.  Today I’m posting pics from the Norris Geyser Basin, which has, to my understanding, just recently fired back up to full power.  It’s divided into two areas and the boardwalks will keep you moving.

It’s amazing when geothermal energy collides with water and minerals 🙂

Porcelain Basin

Black Basin


9 thoughts on “Fire and Air – Part 1”

    1. The sulphur smell was strong in several areas but not overwhelming. There is always wind or a breeze that helps – the air doesn’t stagnate around you. There were a couple of times when it served as a good warning. You could literally be next to Yellowstone Lake, which is a massive body of water, and catch a hint of that smell and then spot a hot spot – steam rising out of a marshy area. There are hot spots under the lake itself too. Wise to plan your explorations and get familiar with the area before walking into a danger zone 🙂

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