Earth and Water

As I mentioned yesterday in Contrasts, Chapter 5, I would have to post some additional photo galleries of Yellowstone.  I decided to break them up a bit because I took so many photos and there are just so many diverse areas to see in this park.

Today’s theme is Earth and Water.

19 thoughts on “Earth and Water”

  1. been a long time, Stearley, but these great fotos trigger my memory banks… I think I was 19. my friend Joe just got a new car for graduating university and he proposed we drive out to Yellowstone to christen it (from NJ). some truly gorgeous scenes out there. as we came into YP from the south entrance, through Jackson Hole, we soon came to signage warning against feeding the bears. naturally after a bend two miles down the road we came upon a line of autos stopped, gawking at a large brown bear on the side of the roadway. Joe impusively lowered his window and tossed out a hot dog from the frozen container behind his seat. the beast appreciated this and ate with gusto.but his demeanor soon changed; he ambled over to our car and reared up, plopping the front of his body onto the side of the driver’s door just a microsecond after Joe got the window re-closed. I remember thinking what an enormous head it had! Joe lowered my window, the passenger side, luckily pressing the correct button, and madly grabbed a 2nd hot dog from behind his seat. handing it to me, I through a hook shot high over the bear’s head onto the the field beside the road. as it went to get the snack — we sped away, enlightened. 🙂

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