6 thoughts on “SD MOA – Tudl-Tur – Sun Elk by Bert Geer Phillips”

  1. The purpose of this inquiry is to find out if I can get a print of this picture. It appears that this is a picture of my grandfather who lived on the Taos Pueblo reservation during the period of time in which Mr. Phillips painted the portrait.


      1. Hello, Earthwalking13, Thanks for posting a painting from the museum I work at! I sent a message hoping to attract Mr. Miller’s attention to discuss his grandfather, since we have his grandfather’s portrait in our collection. Would it be possible for you to send him my email and ask him to contact me? I would like for us to represent him in the best way we can and bring him to life as an individual for our visitors. My email is elainefpierce@mac.com.
        Thank you


    1. Hello, Mr. Miller,
      I am a docent (tour guide) at the San Diego Museum of Art, and would like to be able to teach our docents how to best discuss this painting of your grandfather with the public. I would be thrilled if we could have an email conversation about what you’d like for us to know about him. My email address is below. Thank you so much,
      Elaine Pierce


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