A great irony of being in an urban environment is you’re able to see some animals, up close, that you would most probably never see in the wild.  They are caged.

In some ways this helps to preserve species – ironically protecting them from us.  In other ways it seems inhumane.  They should be roaming freely.

But when you look at all of human life’s modern entanglements, perhaps we are caged too 🙂


Zoo 8

7 thoughts on “Caged”

  1. …because creatures are programed to respond to the environment over time. We still let it happen to us, even though we can choose an easier path. It’s not technology. I’m not sure what it would be. We destroy the earth, because it’s in our nature, within the Id. We can feel badly about it. But until we come to some deeper realizations, we are likely to be shrugged right off the Earth, by the Earth herself. In my opinion.

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