As writers we are continually on the hunt for words.  Words drive us.  Words are our souls.  And a couple of days ago I found one.  This one is from the Sioux language and I think it is absolutely beautiful.


It means to place and hold in one’s heart.

It can be used to describe a special place or person or persons or, for that matter, any soul or anything where ever you might encounter it.

I just recently left a place and souls I have placed in my heart.  Of course, there is already a collection of souls and places that occupy my heart too.  My heart is filling up.  It feels good.  Warm and glowing.  And even better to have a word to describe it.

Do you have a favorite word?


Photo:  A lake shore from up in the north country.  There are so many pictures I could choose of locations and special persons and animal friends that I really couldn’t decide which to use for this post.  I might have to add an entire gallery under this same title 🙂

33 thoughts on “Cantognake”

  1. Beautiful. I really like the word luminous. I don’t use it much but when I do I like how it feels and how it sounds. Great post. Have a wonderful weekend✨

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  2. Love ‘contognake’, thank you Stearley. One of my favourites is ‘indaba’. It comes from the Matabele tribe in Zimbabwe. I think the rough translation is ‘others business’. So, when someone makes choices through words and actions, that’s their ‘indaba’. ❤

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    1. Thanks Jane ! Great word ! I love learning new words and the feelings, images, an emotions they can carry. I have a friend from Germany who explained to me that the German language has words to describe feelings that English lacks. It’s amazing what we can learn from each other 🙂

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  3. A wonderful word. Never heard it. You continue to teach us. I guess we all have that place and yesterday it really came to the surface. We missed you and I put the feeder out and will continue for the birds there as if you were still there.

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  4. Languages from outside the typical western orbit often have wonderful concepts embedded within some words. A longtime favorite of mine was ‘Qoyaanisqatsi’ meaning ‘life out of balance’ from the Hopi language. ‘

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  5. This was the word Sitting Bull said when he predicted his own death in Woman Walks Ahead, and it broke my heart 😦 but helped me in accepting his death in the end.

    “You stop sometimes, and look and remember. It’s called cantognake – to place and hold in your heart. This moment… Hold it in your heart.”

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