Have You Ever Known Someone?

To be able to complete someone’s thoughts,

dance together in their mind,

caress their heart,

and see their soul through their eyes.

This is truly knowing someone.

Have you ever known someone?


Painted Ladies


Feature Photo: I found this photo on the Internet in the public domain. I could find no proper attribution for it.

Butterfly Photo: A couple of Painted Lady butterflies nectaring-up in the Midwest.  I added the butterfly image for a couple of reasons.  One is that is shows a “couple” like the feature image and duality is the theme.  But intertwined duality – two becoming one.

With duality, we’ve moved beyond a singularity.  It is the quality of having two parts to the whole.  Metaphysically speaking, it is the contrasts – negative versus positive; good versus evil; light versus dark; material versus spiritual; consciousness versus unconsciousness; Ying versus Yang; male versus female.

Numerologically speaking, the number 2 represents feminine, dreams and cooperation.

The butterflies, symbolically, represent transition, shapeshifting, and the dance of joy.

When two hearts come together as one the polarities merge.  A beautiful transition occurs as each half brings out the beauty in the whole.  Making that true connection is a rare thing and it results in a dance of joy.  Bonds that cannot be broken.  Not over space, time, or even lifetimes.

29 thoughts on “Have You Ever Known Someone?”

  1. I envy you. After all sweet moments I always had a lingering question, will I ever be able to really know the other person. At times it seemed impossible. Every breath of that person touching me while we danced would make me forget all I knew.
    The doubt remains in me even when the other is not a person.

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  2. Love the poetry, but I confess a personal bias against the concept of only being a ‘half’ or in some way incomplete without a partner / lover. I would rather bring my complete self into relationship with someone who had also been working towards being a complete and self sufficient individual. Two becoming one is too much like monotheism to me personally – I embrace plurality vs duality – the tapestry of difference, the multiverse realized..

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    1. Thanks for reading and for your insight. Good points and I agree with you. I think we are complete all onto ourselves and should look inside for answers as opposed to outside and develop our complete selves. I think two complete individuals can join to be come more than just a “whole.” For clarity, I guess I would call that a different type of “wholeness.” I might loosely compare that to fusion – two complete hydrogen atoms combine to produce helium – a different whole. The hydrogen atoms are still intact and would remain so if split. But the binding energy of fusion that is released is incredible 🙂 There are many different types of wholeness and many benefits to be realized with unions 🙂

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