A Gallery

I try to paint pictures with words.  And some of my recent posts have described the color and diversity of the plants I’ve encountered in the desert.  So I thought, why not post a gallery of my pictures.  Maybe you’ll find a couple you love.  It is hard to beat Nature’s artwork 🙂

Photos:  A couple of these photos were taken in a botanical garden, which was basically a fenced-in part of the desert, but the rest were in the wild.

** I noticed that I picked a couple from the same plant, so I felt obligated to add a couple of more  . . .


45 thoughts on “A Gallery”

      1. Some weren’t too bad to capture, others impossible, but I cheated and got a few at a butterfly exhibit too. The one in this gallery was in the wild and was constantly moving its wings. I took about 15 shots of it and this one caught it at the right moment 🙂

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  1. I love, love, love your gallery!
    I have not forgotten your challenge of writing about my influencers…it has been a challenge just trying to put that into words. There have been so many!been

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