100th !!!

The posting of “The Warm Desert Wind” yesterday marks my 100th blog post on WordPress!  I know many of you are way past this milestone, so many congrats to you!  And I have to tell you, it feels good to be writing regularly again.  Writing my own stuff that is and not the work of others that I did for so many years with my careers.

Of my postings so far, I’m thrilled and honored to say that five have been published by The Urban Howl.  You ought to check out the Howl, there are a lot of magical writers there.  Those five articles were:

The Mythical Arrowhead

Writing’s a Bitch and So is Soul Searching


The Lesson of the Blue Jay


Red Coral – To Feel is to Heal

And my most popular posts on Earthwalking are currently:

Try it Again

Confirmation Bias – A New Personality Disorder?

Of Wolves and Hominids

Philosophy Doesn’t Feed Me

What is Art?

An Oil Painting for the One I Love


Red Coral – To Feel is to Heal

A couple of other popular posts were:

Gray Days


Neural Roadmaps Revisited

As I’ve gained more followers, my most popular pieces have shifted a bit, but Try It Again has remained the top favorite, and that’s actually one of my personal favs too.  The words just flowed on that one 😊  Sometimes it feels more like channeling than writing.

I just want to say thank you all for visiting and reading!  I hope you all continue to enjoy my passion for writing as much as I enjoy reading your blogs and appreciating your many talents.

Photo: Since I hit the “century” mark with my postings, I decide to use a pic of the Agave plant, also know as the “Century Plant.”  This picture loses perspective because this plant was bigger than me!  While called the Century Plant, it normally lives to about 30, and it goes out with a flourish – flowering once before death.  But it does send out roots that continue to propagate.  Agave is probably best known for the three alcoholic drinks that can be made from various species of the plant – Pulque, Mezcal, and Tequila.

Cheers 😊

23 thoughts on “100th !!!”

  1. Congratulations! I am so pleased that I came across your blog. I also like that you have posted links to previous writings. Congrats again, we look forward to the next 100 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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