Antimony, Stibine, Babies, and Death

Recently, I was tested for heavy metal poisoning and the tests showed abnormally high levels of 4 different metals, and not-so-good levels of another three.  One of the metals that was abnormally high was Antimony.  Now I remember this metal, barely, from college chemistry courses, but how on earth did it end up in me, and in an elevated amount?

It seems Antimony is used in fireproofing textiles and plastics.  It can be found in battery electrodes, ceramics, pigments, and gun powder.  It can also be found in soft plastic bottles used for water and the water can become contaminated depending on storage conditions.

Blankets, mattress covers, and even clothing have been treated with this chemical.  And much like the spraying of insecticides and fungicides (biocides) on clothing, manufacturers do this to extend the life of their products and theoretically increase public safety.  The big problem is that the toxic effects of all of these chemicals are being discovered later.  This stuff can be absorbed right through the skin, our largest organ.

No, not all things in life can be improved through chemistry.  In fact, some of this chemistry may prolong the life of our clothing and fabrics, but it may also be killing us and our babies.  It turns out, our clothing may remain long after our bodies return to dust.

You see, some New Zealand researchers proposed a hypothesis, gathered evidence, and then other experts set out to disprove their hypothesis and research.

Boiling this all down, the theory is like this:

Mattresses and mattress covers contain the fire retardant chemicals Antimony, Phosphorus, and Arsenic;

These chemicals can be broken down by molds to form the toxic gases of Stibine, Phosphine and Arsine;

In particular, Antimony can be broken down by the mold Scopulariopsis brevicaulis to give off the gas Stibine;

This mold is present in mattresses and mattress covers, especially once they become damp with a baby’s bodily fluids;

Stibine is a very powerful neuro-toxic gas that is heavier than air and in the breathing zone of infants;

A small amount of Stibine, when inhaled, can produce respiratory paralysis;

Infants dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (“SIDS”) have been confirmed to have elevated levels of Antimony in their bodies;

Although the “UK Expert Group on Cot Death Theories” could not substantiate and is said to have discredited this theory, in New Zealand, where parents followed a protocol of sealing up these mattresses and covers, no further crib deaths have occurred.

There are theories questioning the motivations and financing of the UK Expert Group.

Reading all of this information, I can’t say one way or the other if these types of fire retardants cause SIDS.  I can, however, say with reasonable certainly, that I am only one of many who are now contaminated with this chemical that does not belong in our bodies.  And because of multiple chemical exposures, my and other people’s bodies’ natural detoxification processes have become overwhelmed producing all sorts of disabling effects.

Another thing I can say is that I’ve never met a corporate entity that hasn’t put profits over people.  One just needs to look at the tobacco industry to guess how this will play out.

For years there will be denial that the product is unsafe.  Research will be stymied because of big money and influence brought to bear on regulating agencies.  Deaths will continue.  Maybe someday a plaintiff will prevail in a lawsuit.  In the meantime, fearing litigation, some producers may change their lethal chemical mix to another lethal chemical mix in order to keep moving the ball making it harder to make the connection between chemical exposures and illness.

Delay in correcting the problem equals more money for the companies and their shareholders, while increasingly turning the planet into a toxic waste dump.

If you’re interested in reading more, I have included some links.


Antimony-LIt seems Antimony was also used by the Egyptians in the form of Stibnite as a black eye makeup.

Postscript:  How these chemical exposures will ultimately affect us is a big question, but it can’t be good when toxins keep turning up in our bodies.  The CDC’s most recent report indicates that some 212 chemicals tested for, which are not supposed to be in our bodies, were in most people’s blood or urine.


Images:  These images were found in the Internet in the public domain and no other attribution could be found.  The feature image was linked to a webpage called Live Science.


Cot Death and Antimony

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The report from the “UK Expert Group on Cot Death Theories”

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National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals


17 thoughts on “Antimony, Stibine, Babies, and Death”

    1. Thank you NL ! I think we all have things to overcome and have great hope for all us. I decided to start writing about some of these issues because I only became aware of them when I discovered I was poisoned. Hopefully, others will begin to gain awareness and we can take action. It’s always a slow process, but it can be done 🙂


    1. The volume of toxins in our environments is growing exponentially. It is truly amazing just how much the planet has been poisoned because businesses only look at short-term profits – the 10-minute view. The fact that I’ve been affected has raised my awareness and now I’m meeting people in all walks of life that are dealing with the same problems. It is only a matter of time before everyone starts experiencing the toxic effects personally. The question is, by the time everyone wakes up, will it be too late

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  1. it’s just scary…to read about the mattresses and antimony (to tell you honestly I never heard the word lol), gosh, one day people gonna kill this planet and themselves.. which is truly sad.

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  2. An interesting fact about the use of this chemical in the ancient times.
    I’m pretty aware of the toxicity of pretty much everything we come in contact with every day. For Heaven’s sake, even the air we HAVE to breathe is polluted.
    My question is: “How did you find all this out?” “Was it just the differential route that the doctors went towards?”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It has been a learning experience. I was fortunate to meet a person who also has chemical sensitivities and she has directed me to various sources. The doctors have had an interesting approach in that my traditional family practice doc and allergist have identified the problem and the list of most things I now react to. I had to find a specialist to do further testing in a different state and provide treatment. So the whole picture is starting to come together. I also have mercury, lead, and tin poisoning, and I have problems with chromium, rubber accelerators and biocides, so I’m sure I will have future articles 🙂

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      1. It wasn’t easy. I was lucky that my family practice doc referred me to a good doc who recognizes these problems. But it has cost me a lot of money to get everything done too. Insurance doesn’t cover it all

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