Recap for Fellow Bloggers

Blogging time.  A very fast-paced environment with probably a billion daily posts; give or take a few million.

In the limited time I’ve been on WordPress the number of bloggers I’m following and those following me is continuing to grow.  As we meet new bloggers, the first posts they are usually going to see are the latest in the chronology, and those may not even be my best posts.

So, I thought I’d start posting a recap every once and a while listing the posts of mine that other readers found to be most interesting, at least the best as I can tell going by the number of views in the stats.

It would also be great for you to give me links to your own favorite posts so that I, and other readers, can check them out.  Feel free to post your links with a comment.

Here are my top seven posts if you haven’t seen them already 😊

Try it Again

Of Wolves and Hominids

What is Art?

Gray Days

At the End of the Day


Finding the Gems

And here is one of my personal favs:

Neural Roadmaps Revisited

Also, occasionally, I will update a piece and the one I’ve updated the most was “Balance.” (Jan 23, 2018).  You might want to visit this one if you haven’t seen the updated data.

Thank you all for following and keep up the great writing!


Photo:  Flying in Montana

10 thoughts on “Recap for Fellow Bloggers”

  1. I think that’s a great idea. I post a round up of all posts at the end of the year (first one of those is up on my page in the menu up top). It includes the links with a one line description of what it is about.
    However, I find it hard to choose my favorites. It doesn’t always correspond to what readers consider their favorites. And how do I even gauge that? The number of likes, or comments?

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