Experimental Writing

When I started using social media more for communication, I began to experiment.  And I guess you could say that every post is an experiment.  It is sort of like seeing what colors people like.  On FB, I post pictures and experiments with the photo editor and it is really fascinating to see what my friends pick out as their favs.  I imagine if I was trained in psychology, I could analyze them in some fashion, but I’m not, and I won’t, and that wouldn’t be fun anyway.

It’s just good to know that your work appeals to some of the people, some of the time, even if it is in different ways 😊

Just like colors, words, in all of their variations, reflect what resonates with different people.  That’s why I’ve added different categories of writing on the blog.  In fact, I added two new categories in just the past couple of days; travel and society.

Some of my writing is creative and other pieces are very formatted, logical analyses.  I like to write in all sorts of styles, but fiction has, to-date, escaped my grasp.  Some day.

So today, I want to just take a moment and thank my blog followers.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts, like them or comment, because that gives me guidance in how to improve my craft.  I chose today to say thanks, because I’ve reached 100 followers.

So thank you all for being here, and I’ll keep experimenting until I get it “write.”

In gratitude, I hope you are all having a lovely day.  May peace be with you.


Photo: Sometimes you need to look East when the sun sets.  In this photo, the sun set behind the mountains to the West.  But the real beauty was unfolding to the East.

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