The Versatile Blogger Award

To my surprise and pleasure, I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I really like how these awards work, because they help introduce us to others’ writings and there are many talented wordsmiths out there.

First, a shout out to Becca, for nominating me.  I love her posts and you should check out her blog “From My Lofty Hill.”

The rules for this award are that you must write 7 interesting facts about yourself and nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.

I don’t believe in coincidence, and as fate would have it, I had just posted a piece called “By the Numbers,” where I listed some facts about myself.  I stuck my neck out there a little bit, as we all do when we reveal personal history, but I thought, hey, those are foundations for more stories.

As I started jotting down some facts for this post, I began to wonder about that word “interesting.”  I’ve got plenty of facts, but who is going to find this stuff interesting.  So, I rewrote, and hope I don’t bore you all.

Seven Facts

1.) Not to sound morbid, but I’ve found myself in a number of situations where death hovered close by.  Not sure why I attracted it, being a patient, being a nurse, living on the edge at times, but it gave me an appreciation for life and what it meant to struggle.  Have gratitude every day.

2.) In my early college days, I was able to take a travel course where I went to five Latin American countries and studied their agriculture.  That also meant studying their cultures and being introduced to seeing real poverty.  When you see a child’s toy for the day is a dead chicken, it gives you a whole other level of appreciation for the little things in life.  In America, we are spoiled.  It helps to get grounded.

3.) After dropping out of college (I returned later), I hit the road and lived in my car and in national forests for almost two years.  I roamed around Missouri, Texas, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona.  I would pawn possessions or get an occasional job, so I could gas up, get groceries to supplement fishing and gathering, and move on.  Never cared to hunt.  You learn about self-reliance this way, about time, about living in the moment, and there is a lot of beauty out there to see.

4.) I love to hike and be in nature.  I believe we can commune with nature – that the natural world is sending us messages all of the time, if we are willing to see them.

5.) I’ve only owned one home. It was the dream house on 18 acres of woodland.  Designed it with my ex.  Loved it.  Thought I had settled there for life.  Lost it to the ex’s alcoholism.  No regrets.  Happy to be mobile once again.

6.) I love to teach.  We all acquire experience over time, and it is fun to pass that on.  I taught law courses as an adjunct – nursing malpractice, employment law, ethics, among a few other courses.  Ethics is a really fun topic, everyone has their own code.

7.) I love a good fire.  I think every house I’ve ever lived in has had a fireplace, and for the ones that didn’t, I installed a wood stove.  Nothing like a good bonfire either – the bigger the better.  Fire good !  Something timeless and ageless about fire.  Feels good on the limbic system. Primal power.

Fifteen Amazing Nominees

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Congrats to my nominees.  Apologies if I’m duplicating a nomination.  And, of course, no nominee is obligated to participate.  Do check out the blogs, though, a lot of good writing out there.


37 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations, Stearley. Thank you for the nomination. I enjoyed reading all seven facts. Cannot decide which is my favourite; they are each marvellous in their own special way. But 4 and 6 especially resonate. And I love the wisdom at the end of every one. I don’t do awards, however. No why. Just because. Still, I appreciate your generosity. Very much.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you liked the post. Not sure how much wisdom I have, but I try not to take things for granted. No problem on not doing awards. You were at the top of my list, though. You’re my favorite read 🙂


      1. Wow, thank you, Harold (for some reason, I always thought your first name was Stearley). Apart from being a gifted writer I see you have a real talent in photography, too. So many of those pictures are sensational: some of those sunsets and sunrises are pure magic.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aqua-blue, crystal clear water, light sea breeze, slight taste of salt in the air, slow rhythmic waves lapping on the shoreline – in tune with your heartbeat – crisp, rich, dry wine, sparkling eyes of the person sitting next to you . . .


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