I saw him again on the trail today.  But “he” can take many forms – different ages, genders, races.  It doesn’t matter.  What maters is that this person radiates.  They literally fill the air with positive energy.  Once I’m within 50 feet or so, I just start feeling happy.  And he seems to be happy to see me too.

In this case, it’s an older gentleman.  Hell, I can’t say “older” anymore.  He’s my age.  And we exchange greetings as we pass.  We have both reached “sirdom.”  People started calling me “sir” out of the blue about a year ago.  It’s like they can magically tell you reached a certain age.

This gentleman and I smile, knowingly, at each other.  We’ve survived enough trials-by-fire, and we’re both just happy to see each other kicking.  There is laughter in our voices as we praise the day.

There is definitely something different about the people like this.  Something palpable.  Some are just special.  My niece was born this way.  She was just plain happy, and is happy all the time.  And just being around people like this makes you happy too.  It’s a superpower.  And I say that seriously given we’re in a world where news is all doom and gloom; people have become jaded and cynical.  I have those moments too.  We all do.

So, it’s truly nice to be out there in the sunshine, sharing a bit of turf and a little conversation with a beacon of positivity.  It’s a goal we should all strive for.  What a world it would be if everyone just opened their souls and shined . . . Hope to see you on the trail.


Glacier - St Mary's Fall Trail

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